John And Tammy Catch Up With Jake Owen!

Tuesday, July 17th


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Yelled OJ eco and they Jake. What are some anti it and it. My prayer and started here and now we love you man I got funny story for you that just happened two seconds ago OJ going to write for those. About it so our producer just as with us in his mortified I'm telling this says we got Jake Owen and Agile who moved. And she says Jake on and I again Joseph police say cool and she says the hop on the asleep again I would go in for negligence would he did tonight we did not. So reading how are you. I am wonderful about go off. Good Yule. Obviously have quite a hit with I was Jack you were Diane I absolutely love that's on it brings back memories for me for obvious reasons whip with that title. And tell us about how that song came about. Well I was actually chatting with the guys in my new label beer chatting about songs oh is load and down Jack and Diane was one of those songs but I think just exemplified. You know of young love and grown up in the land you know this this this freedom of America and and hold non gear used then. So it was that it was a couple days later today it's this song was pitched to meet. And it was basically attribute in those two that's all reject and in a tribute to John Mellencamp com as an artist is low on the week we called. John Miller against people to make sure they were all right lit him up there comes up of approval and and it was awful racist term there. Jake Owen is with us and we're talking right now about his current soon to be number one song I was Jackie were Diana I'm glad you brought Mellencamp I was gonna ask. I mean we're all fans of that song we love that song that's good he kind of intimidating. Knowing that you're gonna tackle. An iconic song like that right in. Yeah totally I mean it's. But the very way of putting it John I mean I was in that no one really you know you don't. I don't know what to admit that really put Stewart feel super comp and about releasing so volatile what is the song itself. Is its in its own right as in new version very hit sounding and feeling solved thankfully once we get that approval from John he felt good about it the mid ninety's he signed off on an at an approved of it. I was kind of made me feel a lot better about it so now that it's become this this song that's become basically another summer anthem in mind set. It's a lot of fun to get out there play it and see everybody's reaction to it and thanks to you guys are planning to blow up. We're talking to a Jake on this morning and Jake I stopped you on I mean I follow you on minster Graham. He's ten he hit it it. How to get away with playing as hard as you do with all the record labels saying you really need to stop doing Matt. This are why it. Is part like all I don't know you know where you're weak boarding in your flying off of bitch or you know do some crazy stuff see crazy awesome. Yes. No that's what they have been lucky enough throughout the years of never had anybody from like management or label or anything in China and say hey. We appreciate if you did not do that because I think they know that that's what makes me meet. He posts a lot of pictures with you in your daughter I'm your daughter in you guys have been. Do you see me like doing some traveling what is the end of the highlight of your time since the beginning of the year to daughter something fun that you two got to do together. Well I just got back from this is truly cool I just got back from in the vacation. Down in the keys. And I've been meaning and speaking of wake boarding have been meaning to teach my little girl how to do it but you know it's a bit intimidating for a five year old to get behind a a big boat a little weird on accuser is one of those cable parks and pressure you're familiar with that. Kind of polls. You can keep polar on base Michael winched out cable cold hand them the rights took up my little girl they're the park in. Gutter water board general like Jack garner Omaha and there has pulled together very simple or slow right he says yeah act act of course close so I kind of got her halfway up in about about five feet after she got a she just a distilled face first into the water. And as his dad you know it's like oh my gosh I hope she doesn't cry you how to get. Edge she popped up out of the waters like debt that was also well he's done it. Dude that's the best story ever. I did look pretty neat yeah when you told that story that you can hear the smile so I really take they can tell discrete touch you again we need really love you. (%expletive) and I appreciate you guys and I look the other San Diego serial writers the off. G-8 was one of our very first artists and beckoned her career days I have to tell you were celebrating your eighteenth anniversary to draw. While eighteen years. Eighteen years together yet so you'd. Congratulations. It softened. Been cool to watch you guys deer there over the years. Well liked the election too we love you very much I appreciate you saying that dude thank you are upbeat eighteen years. It's crazy to execute. I'm on remains one of our favorite cat and does a really really solid dude and I I like that works that fits him tickle his. And that's a great sister Jessica as different word for it on me now a you can. Good looking yeah I'm not I'm a man this just and Biden as it at a hole. In the AC on and here would you please.