John And Tammy Catch Up With Carly Pearce Backstage At KSON's CountryFest!

Monday, July 16th


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We were super excited country fest for many reasons one of them was Peirce and her performance. Didn't get to see her perform at stagecoach has we are working but did have a conversation with her and again give me the opportunity to message that would Tammy. Very hush hush because Amy and join. I'll give you a dollar. It wouldn't tell me about child and I'll be here like that you can make it on time and think you do that yeah can eulogy at. Are you tonight. Okay and it took. Who aren't owner of Carly peers and I'm glad they're glad Regina. So nervous I was so nervous my stomach filled in my feet because she did a really good job. Her eyes got so dark and she was staring at me I should hold a very long which she did she didn't do it who. Whom. That was scary hidden well we had to bring it up yeah when we saw Carly fest currently does not come up a Carly pillars and a country fast. So we're here at country fasting and we have the pleasure. Of chatting with Carly letters hi currently at. When we saw you it was stage coach Cantu and then you've been very very busy one of the biggest names in country music right now. I'd like to think it's because of our of our wonderful interview with you have stage coach is telling you confirm or deny that. And I can environment and you know I think my acting skills early get updated Sammy. John had offered currently dollar which by the way I don't think he'd made up. If by you could steer me in heat you haven't stopped in the middle of it because you're like I can't do it but. You did do it you'd she did Britney out I. I don't like like I want I wanted to do in the entire time I definitely like tonight John is yeah. Now currently do with that beautiful little dollar bill honey I mean I might headed towards the wind later NRA I like that. Great merchants when really their first dollar going down. Ooh I like that one and all right so have you had anybody tell you about miss hearing any here earlier X on the song by the wind yet it. No okay so I had one that I talked about on the radio thing. When your legs come off by the wide in in the background they're like lock it up block it out I thought they were singing like a book like a book like how does that make sense. I don't like the book back to rent it now. But then I had I was your college she goes I thought they were saying knocking boots not to lose which actually fits the soft. I make you whatever you want just like it and turn it up and quite a while not. Hey well at at. You do that sealed but currently we're glad to have you here I'm sure you're excited to be in San Diego and I took a job is my favorite city in America great I love it I love it. We love her to win it will stern look gorgeous yeah and a. You can see anything you want to see something to. No please. No one knew I was given electric boat whatever happens while value of all I'm.