John and Tammy Call Tammy's Daughter After She Drops Off Liam At School For The First Time

Wednesday, September 5th


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Veterans parents have experienced maybe multiple times dropping your child off at school the amazing difference. When you drop your first kid off at school for the first time and intends kick your kid out of the car the third kid. Yeah that general. Been through it twice no. It's definitely did a different chapter in your life and hold different part of parenting. And we're about to hear what Tami daughter Taylor who has her first. Child in its. Your grants are in school or on your we're at Arthur right now John and Tim in the morning San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KS ON hello. Hi cater tat how Mario. Day. Gad. Joining us right now is Tami daughter Taylor Taylor how. Experience that gut wrenching heart breaking experience of sending her son. Her very first child behind her favorite son out to school today for the first time ever tailored the emotions take us there. Compare Bob. Just apart I it and I played really excited Harrisburg paper in hand I don't know I'd just like cold isle and I yet. They get there and I am expecting him where you know besides holding man Friday. You know an outline and leave me it and he held my hand and then he found at patent Beckett I'm not all funny guy in the hardly. And I have a kid can do Uganda Kenya I. Wish yeah. He's keeping keeping Taylor I gotta tell you glioma in reacted exactly the same way your youngest sister Morgan did with dad. When he dropped her off for her first day of kindergarten. She got out of the car he said by cedar hugged her kissed her she shut the door and turn around and walked in and never said anything. He just undergoing more. Yeah why are you tired out in me some day. All my gosh migrants and William is just his first day of kindergarten in Taylor I tell you have the picture you posted on. I see that you gave me haircut but when did you add 23 years to his face what backpack. I now IV one and that the haircut may make it look older but I get it out of the clear they dropped my. You mean I'm very I'm an object already is. Aren't the juvenile offenses and how school whether somebody. Just the bottom I was. Almost a 2820. Years older Paula says average retail you're gonna have the same exact feeling when you take you're you're youngest son to school Rory Rory you're also have the same exact feeling always taken a college league play perhaps. You. Know and I know you're going to do that right now by it. I haven't humiliated though immigrate yeah right. No kidding all right well. It's probably a good thing that your breast feeding Rory otherwise you before bottles into some wine I think by now because of rapidly a lot of your first baby he looks so handsome and so grown up and tell us so proud of him. And I'm so proud of you to really just an amazing mommy on thing. Yeah. Well I'm. All right I love you honey and I'll call this afternoon instead I can't get beleaguered talked to me out I found. Believer by Taylor and I love that name name hit Taylor also told me to win the got a haircut he lifted the Mir and he said. This isn't the old Leon. I don't know this is the new one but this isn't the old one I don't know where he went up I'm nursery school lead them. Okay we're playing and Leah asked and we chatted with them and we'll have that at some 40 really fresh off a day of school we must exhaust and a came home had a shot glass of milk. A couple of goldfish crackers and pick out right started and is homer guy helped.