John and Tammy Broadcast Live From Vons on the San Diego Food Bank's Day to Donate!

Tuesday, June 12th


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San Diego's number one for new country 137 KS ON Janet Jamie in the morning very warm day today out lots of sunshine but it also is a day that feels warm in your heart if you stop on by. And donate today because schools out with a hunger is not which is why we're here with the San Diego food bacon where we we're at around the Von news. Right off the fifteen an aero drive on Murphy canyon road there were two things that would serve when I was a kid first of autos and it. Couldn't stay in school and second of all I knew in schools all right can run home and eat anything I want and I did. Okay now flip flop then think about kids that don't want school to be or because this illegally seeking get food. Art that's not cool there are some kids that leave Friday at school and don't eat again until Monday how is it even possible. So that's why we're here today especially when it's summer and you only think about people who are hungry. It's happening. And that's what we are here for see any of the bank's data donate the great Jim fourth legendary throughout the land they are is feeding hungry people there's a place in heaven for you Jim for us good had a bad. Man you that you guys are awesome as always thanks for your support year round schools help but hunger is not let's explain. Sister schools on hunger is not. Food good drive. Just says Jon mentioned we have kids to get the free reduced lunch meals during the side of this summer months at a federal program or they do this summer when those of meals are available. So we do our schools on hunger that summer food drive. We have a lot of club now probably partners that have emergency. Feeding sites during the summer for the school kids and we get a huge huge spike in demand for food so we need people come out support the local food. And again it's it's it's the working poor it is people who are working and trying to sometimes they have to make that difficult decision of keeping the electricity on end and getting food we're making it very easy for you as well today we're here at the Vaughn's okay off fifteen on the aero drive. And that we're gonna be here until the show's over but they'll be taking your donations throughout the day in any bonds Albertson's that you go to the at the bag prepackaged for you it's very very simple. Now if you come to the bonds today again off aero in the fifteen. The first fifty and is obviously less than that now. But we'll get him before pack of tickets to SeaWorld is what we don't we know you don't need to be bribed to come and do something good but listen why not summary 101000 tickets an advantage of that and other market it absolutely does if it's for cancel and I were we take over SeaWorld on June 20 for yet if you can't get here if you stop by the Albertson's in San Marcos and her a couple so this is the one you wanna go to 151 woodland park way. We're gonna be there this morning in the SeaWorld tickets are bearer for you as well also if you're. Wayne North County San Marcos area 151 with a park with a Albertson's there is where mobile also there if you're Padres fan of all the the Padres. 973 the fan is also there as wells and if you take two months period as life gets in the way the virtual food drive is also have us. And youth who think dead or virtual food drive by food on our behalf could make a financial gift. We can take one dollar livers that in the five meals so everybody can make a difference every little bit helps. Thank you Jim Carey all right it's the San Diego food bank's day to donate Jon and Jimmy we are at the Vaughn's off the fifteen an aero drive. San Diego's number one for new country 1037 KS ON.