John and Tammy Bloopers

Tuesday, March 20th


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Super. Original idea in my journal panel forum but I'm willing to give a shot Brothers Osborne when they released her second tell me you're gonna realize that there are some things that. You might be saying why you believe that it well because they decide consciously to leave all the mistakes that they may while recording come through in the record. Our next record port St. Joe is erected that we'd recorded downpours in Joseph Florida wish jacked up and a beach house for two weeks. And down we just played music definitely felt good to us we recorded from all lie if we looked all of the mistakes and there Lipton niacin brawl Wii attracts a ten songs. Yeah and so once we were done recording at their posts were so effective by the location of where was that. We decided to give him title a record after Jaco reports and joke two weeks in a beach house wood Brothers Osborne. Up up up up unhappy child could talk walk. It's amazing anything that's and I got home my end but yeah I mean you feel alive album is what it is it's live but it is interesting that there recording this as a studio album in this house. On but then leaving the stakes and I. Like. To play a segment. Some of our mistakes if we can leave he's in the show next time a by the way keep in mind that we've got to file are bloopers that is unfortunately. Really long. This crook all the time a lot of you'll never hear for obvious reasons thing until noon. Well here's what we get fired for but yes this is some of the stuff that we decided that you didn't want a year maybe maybe we should give it a second shot at a. A check this out a pretty significant White House you want you can get low rates no hidden fees flexible terms and Al payments as low as five dollars apply. Student who put five dollars. For the average is all about how and you can see now. Exclusion from start to get nauseous I believe race it was great to see him Tim mentioned if that was going to be something he's going to be follow with the rest of us. Still hug I'm but I started off so strong that the record it again OK Tim McGraw has a big one but the computer. No we're going to be next weekend with the kids she grows months and are kicking off my weekend with this summer concert series. You're already using ST debit cards rockaholic age purchases your grocery shopping. Its own. Go on the wouldn't know whether to let that go sixth yeah. Seat CI AMR hope. And remember don't go home like you know different Diet Coke day look at what may be burnt out that everything I don't know why. You do you've been. Right right it didn't pass on second thought maybe we shouldn't disguise. Hopefully area. You know once we can't dare I happen. And other deadly had their last show I ever got caught up.