John And Tammy Ask 6 Listeners Personal Questions To Choose Their Numbers For Their Mega Millions Ticket!

Friday, July 13th


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San Diego's number one for new country with a 37 KS ON giant in the morning earlier rich together. We're gonna buy a beautiful home in Bali so starting on Monday with our latest scientific method a ticking except at the mega million numbers. Larry we're gonna have a warm day today upper seventies and upper eighties what we're gonna do is ask six people six different questions each question gets a little more personal. Each answer will be and number those that's how we're gonna pick earn. A very wise new world just told me that you have to answer honestly the numbers won't come right we will win and how that works for the lottery gods configured out to radio now he can't land it exactly right so that said. We'll start with the Rihanna and Daley Center good morning Rihanna. Am I saying that rise embryonic or is it Rihanna. And bring on the. My great grandmotherly that they agree and it just bugs the crap. Well I'm not do that how locally round which is your name and Timmy is a question for Ebert and of honesty yep you have the easiest one. What are the first two numbers of your home address. 288. Next we go to Carol Ann Coulter on good morning Carol and. Our own okay Carol here we go how many pair of shoes do you own count the ones you hide from your husband. I. 25 your shoes Larry Carroll hang on don't go anywhere. We got 28 and 25 right now as we go to this is Mary and help line is that correct Mary. Primary. All right Mary we acted judge you but at what age did your significant other have the best body. Oh boy. The. Mean with America's third year. Say. It paying. In our thirties so that's a the boat thirty. 35 perfect when he ate there are 25 and 35 thank you Mary for being honest as we go to Kelly. In La Mesa. I Kelly. ORA and be honest and there's no judging here. How many people have you dated in your life. I. Just by. You should know judge. No that's Redick added I was just shocked it was a little mom and lose hope that they have a lot of blood IR. Six. I Miree. One so we had 20/20 535. And the judgmental six I'm Elian a nice up. I Kelly Tim would seek together a house more let's go to Margie in national city I'm Margie. And I. All right without your letter what is your bra size. Card for formal war all right hold tight one neat. 25356. And 44 all right last question and it goes to Mike pine might. Yeah. All right Mike not my process as you know how many days has it been since you haven't eaten alone time with someone you love. With someone else slowed and you know I mean violent time. But not sure what Google watered award. One day. Well that's amicable so there Al I'm sorry what is it made him. As it all I know I know you'll be judged. Yeah and that's. How exactly does that enable it to give it its smaller lead a public million dollars. So this afternoon I did go by the ticket would be number could. Why he had 2535644. And money nudge nudge one of them mega ball all right our this is the winner Mary don't. I think if you're honesty my hope. We don't win the money support line we'll figure I'm not us. My money's on Mike distilled in my.