John and the Red River Hog

Monday, November 7th


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What I think Escondido for represented in this past week at gold and big I'm healthy and our second food fund of year driven brand new one this coming Friday and El Cajon more details on that coming up in a couple minutes but. Hello again as well I think the entire staff at Goldman got my house. Good to good people they were just amazing and then they also made a big cash donation of their own super sized all of the food that we collected it was fantastic. And we also took the time as we do for every one of our food funds to celebrate the community were hanging out and that happened to be Escondido. The wild animal park the safari park at the San Diego Zoo however wanna call it it was a wonderful experience that coming I had. I got a little behind the scenes tour and got to feed some animals and we got to experience this wonderful moment of nature yeah. We are right now we have the red river August clearly. Lowering himself into a yeah. Pile of of dislodge it and boom. Room and nine yen well at all remain hopeful yeah Caliendo who enroll my guest Sam Fink has the right things we worry about getting serious yeah. Think he suited me just did there is complete leak leak could hit it could completely disoriented and I've been Nancy boy I have to put up a fifth of it's a hog okay. I'll call bill it was himself and it in my mind and as it wasn't as much. Move believed that in the lab bill wasn't online learning all over me. But it's funny there's I think there's it's an endearment I believe that hog was in his hog way. Picking me as his candidate. Including adding a nudity IEA Diddy sniffed all over my he's my cellphone I actually fidelity link you know he had didn't I had mud all over the back of my cellphone ran I took a video of it and posted a bond can't join FaceBook page but he was great I was trying to get as big snow right in there was fun just. So now Aldrich I look pigs you know that I know I know they either. And when you do all right here is the deal we are gonna be out again this Friday we hit an El Cajon Timmy is new home com. Gary's cafe in El Cajon yes. Close gonna say I know that it's also a whole team with veterans day so if your kids are on school that they want to bring money into Saturday that still lie you. You know donate. Ani brain you know what my daughters are off that day I should wake them up and bring them without losing your health of the food the highlights and I. Exactly right they would be solid so interest in watching daddy worked birdied eighteen and fifteen and not sleeping on their dale that that up until an offense. Seriously if you. If you like to do that you can go to cancer when dot com you can find out where exactly location wise we're going to be as far as the address and then I know that's. We do the show alive including the Friday in his face off in the college of Hollywood knowledgeably to hang. Pictures love to meet choose one favorite things that we do most importantly we get to help our neighbors who probably right now you even know it are hungry. And that's a dying to get to school or to work or things get some food for the first time all we can shock to me gym floors in the city of food banks and their kids in San Diego. Kids in San Diego. Who leave school on Friday and somehow. I know Howell. Don't get eating into Monday when they're back to school that's ridiculous got to stop them. All right we're trying to do that for you go so go to kiss on dot com John finished food fun hit series cafe we got plenty of time to get planned. Love to see you on Friday is is this is definitely it's a great point but can the school on Friday my love to meet debt. Teach them about helping on the sandy did you need it.