Joe Nichols - Men Are Idiots

Tuesday, May 3rd


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John came in morning okay SL and I don't know what it is about stage coach but all the artists did you or just getting started. Considered to be one of the best gigs if not the best gig of the year in the ball. Like kid in the candy store when they're there and the interviews that we got if you can check them out at your convenience he cares so and I can't kiss on FaceBook page. And was so loose so fun Deanna had a good time at a good time while the weather's nice inside huge crowd it. Here just yet follow your body your Joan Nickels get all idiot on us with another version of men are idiots but this one featuring. Stagecoach performer Jo Nicholson John GM in the morning I guess LS released him that when I say Meredith came as no other comment because well you know that the demand bash. Featuring this morning Joseph Nichols then. That's me yeah easy say the let's zoom in Atlanta. Yeah it live. For Valentine's Day Leann woman's husband bought her a magazine Iraq. That was a romantic so in the main you know something they like on such an idiot white and I get better. For more of a daily idiot I'm Diane might have likened the the big scope eightieth because that's Dick Scobee it's hello I mean thank frank is I don't know I've known Frankfurt almost forty years. And that's big stoke your arms around here on out now birthday is not to make up and then in the next anniversary as being special I think on the kind of idiot that would. Probably remembers them flowers this in the wrong address. That's an idiot or maybe take edition Alec covered decided donated and Troy writes in this Roger or in the saying. And that kind of got probably two that would. Probably do something for myself totally forgetting that she's waiting on the it is sending her to check on the stuff for the murder plays and have a better. On the way home either burger and she's like well we had dinner planned and was burgers my parents who will listen Soledad. IA and still playing I'm sorry so nothing specific just an every day's ratify the elitist and the last thing I did I'd. I don't remember the last big thing and did I think I watched a football game on her thirty. Some members today I think a loss of the ball game and we were on our dinner reservations from her birthday Manila's. Florida yeah I. I'm gonna start Florida and why don't I guess and studio beauty Dorian is very great restaurant area now it was hard to get her into yeah honey you don't appreciate desks will only other birthday he's all right you don't Nichols is his greatest human. Emigres said thank you. Does me good. Easy save the let's do it again and then. You know. Know Joseph is one of us and Canada.