Job Fair This Saturday!

Tuesday, January 23rd

One of our former Employment After Deployment canidates is paying it forward by helping others get hired this weekend. 


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This is something I really like to hear about Jim Murtha was a candidate for John entities employment. After deployment came on our show got the job super stoked about that Jim what's going around you pal. So I've got the job I work for a company called Delaware north. And we manage all and beverage retail operation catering we all of that operation at a park. And I'm Eric art director and they'll like yeah last summer without your show. I was looking for work now I'm here today looking for workers. Hello I. Yeah I don't forward all right so what specifically are you looking for. So we are hiring for all kind of position we have come concessions. Independent leaders. Com laundry workers and sweet supervisors. Catering. Where Al supporters retail cashiers. Cooks and her people and our fine dining department to be servers and runners. We're looking for bartenders are back busters. My auditors are kind. A lot of golf available right now. Solar seller as interest in how they contact to money. So it's an open job they're going to be echo park it's this Saturday. January 27 going to be from 10 AM to 2 PM. So just come on down around you're gonna come in the gate next to the retail team store. And that's on the corner of Tony Gwynn and Jay street it's just. Right in between echo park in the omni hotel just to give your reference point. Awesome to send it to bring your photo ID bring up and resonate great attitude then. You might end up. That's fantastic and Jim Jim did that he came here and implement after Plymouth and of getting this job and now is paying afforded so great. Thanks to do that Jim.