Job Fair Coming to San Diego

Wednesday, April 18th

Tammy has the scoop on a job fair coming to town for military vets. 

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Also there are hundreds of new jobs that are going to be coming to see Andy Diego more than 600. Over the next five years and that's because of the fifteen C eagle companies. That got tax credits in exchange for investing locally and adding jobs so that's a good thing overall the average pay. And salary and these jobs will be 61000 dollars. A couple of places that are will be hiring. Plank aerosystems is also pulled brew coffee. There's more you can check out Lisa B over the next couple years they'll be looking for more and more. Also if you on our in the military and looking to transition out or you already have anywhere from having a hard time finding a job. With John Jimmy's employment after deployment to be brought to by Iran baker Chevrolet I wanna to let you know. That's. That FRC. South west is looking for work leaders in the aircraft industry and they have a ton of job openings. For those of you who were in the military and are in sadness which you wanna do is go to blue star may alma dot org blues star famine. Dot org in Google throw the details are what you need to bring because the job fair is this Saturday from ten until two. On the and it's a great opportunity for you if you're looking for work. And you have that experience. This is going to work for you there's this there's a bunch of things that you have to be a part of it would take too long for media. Go through it also blue star FEMA. Dot org.