Jessica Loves Her New Toy For Her Baby And She Wants To Use It On Coworkers!

Tuesday, August 21st


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Just what do you have there avenue toy that I'm very excited about the we got the baby shower already. Have an easy it's easy to go. It's column currency which he has it's called the baby Schenscher. The big cash this year I can't be sure sure it's the sleep miracle according to them both and it miracle babies should sure I didn't know this is the king and somebody gave it to us at our shower. Okay it's my new favorite. This is literally all of us. Show. Or originally from really knowing her for years there's a recording of the recruit. Shots. Now specialists say show what happened to this she does shots. Trisha she's minutes or thirty minutes depending on which setting it on okay and you put it got in with your baby and it helps them calm down and go to. He's had been proven to do so I went on Amazon yesterday because I was curious about the thing in all of the reviews like it works it works it works it works or very important and a half of that. Do. You. Maybe I don't know shift. Might it might well if you're good reviews on it yet she still shot she's had an early. Inception of that device called my old model and react to SharePoint if you don't wanna stand in the relations Julie Mack. You want them to suit themselves I can get that all of that herself suitors. Like they got that whole thing like that we could cry and to Apple's little items as opposed to suit them and help them actually gets up and in Indy keep you out of it yeah it's also suit but help soothe and perhaps just doesn't like it just for. At the Columbia and I've really am excited about bringing its wired. I would accept others knowing co workers especially we have this great open concept in the office and everybody sit here and I'll. Loud very loud very loud and next time you know. Somebody's running down the hallway screaming about something and. I. Hey just a great idea we have George gasoline in this afternoon how special she is still loses such show yet one more question we're trying to wrap up. Yeah talk to you tell me at bats on me let's remember the meeting right now be Tami I. Boss Kevin you forgot to mention our. Our. Former grab. We've committed to assuring the structure to the new that's partially battle may. I'm a completely asleep and he already has come instantly got up and I don't think he's even during our staff meetings at the Marriott lacks. Okay who knew that was the thing the baby sure sure because this. Just isn't good enough and has it. Money for somebody else to do it for him. It is this is stupidest ideas I shouldn't if you put its simplest ideas. That he made the most one. Thirty dollars thirty dollars. Pay for it if that is what you would. If it were it's at work share my parents went up up up up up. I'm really dying and all that works I have happened if you every kid's different what works for one my network for the other but who who knows I really think that's. Okay.