Is Jerrod Neimann Responsible for Zima Returning?

Wednesday, June 21st


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So Jerry Neiman is one of our co headliners for TS ON country fest this year and a couple of years ago. Out stage coach. Jerry Neiman brought up something that's been in the news recently anybody remember does. Z mocked yeah I guess wal mart's got it now well who knew when we were talking to journeyman that stage coach that he was gonna actually come back maybe it was because NF. I could see drinking is semen -- near future you know what I'd like some clear malt liquor I'd love that was the perhaps in I'm in I'm really gonna battle over Xena because you know it's not Budweiser or you can get that streak print off a it does seem unaware the way to go way why I think it all became like but the -- all that stuff now that they have invited out and add your demons with us it's stagecoach we're talking real lose our -- of anyway congratulations on your wedding thank you -- -- life you know I heard a lot of bad reviews before I got married I asked a lot of advice and -- just what a lot of good reviews since I was a well known and I can toys and awesome so far she's definitely so yeah so far he's been an issue down defamation a better person she's also on Spitzer to less than six months. However there are others you're ready to ago 61 earlier we are often offer much in your so we definitely she's seen the worst and the worst in me all the crappy stuff out of the way and now let's now going to be so much easier yeah she's awesome really surprises I'll was. Living with a woman for the first time how quickly you listen to a paper qui you know you're right enabling you had a couple dogs that liked soil on the house bridal paper seems to evaporated in Sweden and what we can all do with that wouldn't you do it one day there's a roll their lyrics there's a carb or -- with what happened I learned she quilted northern and that it seems to last no longer well I watched and we don't know how to build off of that honey I'm sorry and a mighty -- now I'm Scott how much and felt we didn't prank like toilet paper he should leave finally with that as per household. I'm all like guys I thought it didn't rain we'd be OK at the end I'm very happy at all over the place looking forward to Jerry Neiman along with Easton Corbin. Walker McGuire knew duo and of course Adam Craig kiss when dot com is read your tickets right now don't forget that you're seeded pit passes. And you can also come to our studios once we open and also you can go to boot barn when they opened to just make sure you bring cash gifts they come to testing brought by Cox Communications course late. And Subaru more than a car it's a super real.