Jennifer Nettles

Thursday, May 19th


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Sugar Land has stuck like glue of joining him in the morning San Diego's number one for new country KSL and we do have a little bit about. Yes to this morning at the coast but eventually sunshine and families course Sugar Land features Jennifer Nettles. Who is also our headliner a kiss on his country's best that's happening June 11 Oceanside in the theater right on the coast. And she's got a brand new song out called unloved view. And. Teen. And Jennifer Nettles joins us. I think going and it's going wonderful congratulations on playing with fire this is something we've been waiting for and I love you man and I everytime I seriously. Another heart string just gets hold. You have to challenge him for doing that to me. Well thank you for plane and I love I love the way it'd disconnect it we do you and I let's get every dollar of the socialist you know we've. Gabler here in NN and they get excited about it but this is my story in and thank you for this song and this does not alive but you know I love the mechanics of people's. You really have an act in a talent for writing songs that do dig in deep and say something that someone specifically. Going through. He did it with state he did it with this one it's it's really. Both to give to young lady and milieu abrasive in you're aware of it but it's something that we all aware of. Thank you very much it is it is a joy to get to do so thank you. I want to the other night it's Obama on watch what happens live on Brahma with the Andy Cohen I didn't know you guys are such good friends or at least it seemed that way. You know what I got to do you also have done it at least one other time and now we have some mutual friend in the theater world so. Yeah we we we have a connection per share. I really love with them yeah I really really like him. Yeah he is so Smart and so funny and so. There you use all those Bravo show's host all his ideas through. Ball. I've stats and an all that yeah you for. So he must and he's got reloaded now. And the older you lash back at. You better believe I showed that you got healthy dose. Exactly what we're looking forward to you performing you're gonna have such a beautiful venue this year and it gives Owens country fast. Com get Oceanside. Right on the beach. I cannot wait I cannot wait I love the beach and I I have will be excited to be yeah proudly that'd be join in the party. Oh wonderful issue Jennifer Nettles. The last time I saw you on a beach in person. And you were literally dragging a Monty Monty that you caught and knowing you leave Kelly caught up with your bare hands I thought it was a Wahoo well what what what what was your fish hit a massive fish that you got Jennifer Nettles. Yeah it was a lot of I have a picture of Al hunt debris as you can see it could help us a bit Malia. And I caught it and then as we drug that sucker in and and every and we had this resort could get and we already heated. I have to be asking you please take this the right way as a respectable father of two children that was one of the hottest things ever seen you coming on the ocean with that fish that you call you were so proud. It was super super super cool to see if. I would really bad although you lot would have been. They are critical to see if that as immediately after I called that fish I got they perceive pick from being out all that big get moving the job. Arianna I don't want that what's the excitement subsided you're a low ceilings all night coalition against the. About jobs and Mike I gotta go let them. I wanna talk to about working with Cheap Trick on C empties crossroads I love that band I am I grew up not that far away from where they started in the used to have periodically popped into Madison Wisconsin under an assumed name in Jewish shell. So cool and and you know just like you having great I didn't I didn't get pleasure brought a spirit and a pop pop band shows you know. Around the neighborhood but I did god loving their music and and listen to it and it was just it was an honor and such a black gets to sing along to mess you. And the life that you get to leave Jennifer knows Bankrate. I think dries up all the time and they who gets it flies pretty amazing well you. Earned it he works hard sport I love you is the new Jennifer L song off the great playing with fire at a record is available now you'll see it anything along with every song he lo Jennifer Nettles. That PS joins country fast. In June June 11 he tells the TS ON dot com we'll see you at the beach. I look they yell at the feet says some good Jennifer thanks Connie thank you don't have a big is your Zubov right. I'd give up back again canceling dot com get your tickets now or boot barn locations when they opened.