Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts

Friday, April 15th


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Rascal Flatts with John Tammy in the morning San Diego's number one for new country KS so when they're good talent Kelsey belly ring July 8. NG to markets from Rascal Flatts is waiting to speak to you right now and they. I'm doing all right are you doing all right I'm doing it. Hershey and went into effect not Jed. The very first time dad John NI. Met up with you again here in San Diego we did a wedding at her concert. Can you give us something kind of bizarre that we can do this timing your show. We have Mary each other. I feel very. I love them I think what we could do this that is may be they really can do divorce. And how. He's friendly to me flat deal. Lowers they have happened Baghdad BL a lot of fun I want your we have more people signed up for that and they would for the merit. And not. Not being songs are is how can be out of content. All I nonhispanic Berra hey man is a very skilled musician and obviously not his first interview either jamarcus is with us. From Rascal Flatts pressed the flesh is going to be in town they're part of the KS on Magid ticket there with the arrest of these are with Kelsey Valerie July 8 as we train. Now Kelsey is the young up and comer in I think it's a brilliant move on your guys' part to bring her along. Is she like is she already approaching you guys asking for advice getting pointers are you like here on your own sister known taught us. Hello Welch and they're really out. Asked the question yes I. I'm sure let it get out that you were together and hang out. That she'll she'll certainly got our brains and were all temperature at. Any you know and only cares and. You know if I'm thrilled for her she's just been wonderful girl a rubber is thick and there. So group the route to Bucky you have adversity is going although I'm sure she got her big. Not many groups in country music or any music format for that matter more successful in the guys and Rascal flats because they work so hard for us. That said are you guys down all the tour is that you've done you guys gonna find yourself on on and come different behavior now that you've got you know a young properly with you. Probably got. A I like hey good honesty answer Jane we're old beards and Wear a lot of pain that we used to being. We got a membership will go about this and rollout the next city or even. Very very afterward and bark. Gee how old are you I can ask 87. No come on here. After breaking news. Jada our guess our unlike your skin moisturizer money for value I. G out what what is something you think I should do before you hit fifty that once I had 50 boy you can't do that. I would guess skydiving. Or rocky mountain climbing for Iraq at big points better tactic probable. They still live. Yeah those are all really good ideas that don't make a good song Jay in a tough enough guys as early as many other as a band. If you guys ever tried. To tackle cover song that you thought in your mind was going to be super great in just knocked out of the parking he'd tried to do it doesn't guys. We got no right doing this tune. Yeah yeah. Yeah 00. We tragedies played emotion about ten years yeah. And allergy sites you know. Not looked. Bad ass announced you know that you pilots go. This gets on me I would really fast and how would things. Yeah but you know it will be in the beginning maybe people just like you said that you know. He's having country as well. Pummeled clearance or is it up. However I took last going back to Colin Gillis and gallery tickets are available at KS ON dot com for the may have to get jade figures could talk to you and all right.