Jason Aldean Presale Announcement

Friday, April 15th


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A very big days till the announcement followed by a very special moment with Jason building on a very special additional an episode that I must say I'm a morning. Price who guided by the announcement regarding Jason L leans tickets for his of the shows as coming up. And that would be August 13 with Thomas threat and a thousand horses that's going to be a big show. It is he's bringing his six string circus tour here to this week train amphitheater on the thirteenth like John said an individual tickets who I'm sorry. Individual tickets for that show will go on sale next Thursday kiss when loyal listeners give them pre sale code ads do. He has a one tax club members you'll get every so called before anyone else when they go on tell the following day on Friday self. Priest killed for Jason Hill dean next Thursday if you're not cancel and loyalists they can sign up. And if you're not a text from member you can sign up by texting the word joined a 63767. Message generates me a plane to Texas drop it. No doubt that the special moment for Jason L game but knows nothing was more special when Jason join our show. And received a certificate of man achievement from the man himself and put. Things. Jason I wanted to ask your question because John John has been working really hard to give himself things that that he's calling man she admits. Quickly get the opportunity to fix something and he feels like a man like earlier he fixes ever pay. Oh yeah Amanda achievements I even used pliers that was of the big size suppliers good. He loves pop up. And there's something that you've done that made you feel mainly that John can awards you unmanned achievements. Hello I'm on the order sort of limited I'll let you know we we. We go to Niro and so we have seen here knows but the back doors of every fell one week I don't have Larry and Sony Pictures book soup. Big bag of corn and all this of them are you know my end of poor glorious. So you know but I don't know that get. Dude you're your whole new. Greens. Down to defeat. God's creatures I'd say yeah that's that it. Record I think anybody got a 45 bad Johnny John because your Jason LD NN financial order and in your feeding the earth men who are feeding creatures. There's nothing more man in the end and that that did at the ultimate definition of man Steven. You out of that loaded up my guitar player hurt. Jason and all the awards wan and you won a bunch as Elaine Powell that's got to be right up there. That is in actually get up at settlement doorbell so lately. Doorbell that's the boys. More times materiel. Match. And relative degree of the police who are definitely still. Venus statements and bring inferior through your hallways and clip digital outlets. Like the same also deodorant commercial go to. Jason only has home and you'll see his certificate and a man she met right next to his ACM for entertainer of the year your. Again priest hill next Thursday for Kessel and loyal listeners and text club members and all next week. You can win the tickets before you can even buy them on the night show.