Jason Aldean on John and Tammy in the Morning

Thursday, April 21st


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Jason LD. As a way to talk to you to tell you buy tickets to my show welcome your house can go to breakfast oops no threats that you're far above all this come this. Just occasionally does not sound as yeah it's real or daily fried green eighty's what's up mr. entertainer of the year. They would normally doesn't look good on how good does that sound near your son. I'm still out there here in the air satellite. And I really think it's cool if you already have gone ahead with the plans to do this that you should think about getting your name legally changed to Jason entertainer of the year. Amend. Jason dean is with us he's playing a show August 13 with Thomas read a thousand horses that's an insanely cool lineup. I asked parliament to take it by the way you can get all your details of KS ON dot com but that's why Jason's calling us now to does that show go on sale today for his own loyal listeners tomorrow to the general public cave where we really couldn't be happier for you I know it is airborne who saw your face when that name was announced your name entertainer of the year after all these times finally your name is called. Who relieved to slip through your body did that. Yeah I mean there was it was. Got a one of those things you know eleven years and in my career for that finally happened then in the the fifth. This year that we have been nominated for that though you know just after five years of being nominated in eleven years old in my career early. You know that happens that this course was. Sale of the special night minutes you know you know like touring in inflame our shows and they overrode his. It is you know kind of what I'll build my career on and to me that the that's what turing award. You know everybody kind of has their own opinions about what it is me growing up it was the doubts the tour go like Alabama that over the war in that format and you know to me it's turing award and then they're truly does. You know build my career Obama touring amateur as you know there was this special make sure. We're joined by Jason county this morning he's part of the mega tickets. I coming to sleep train amphitheater. Jason L dean's show goes on sale this week. Has that affected today you can get your tickets with your kids to a pre sale tomorrow they go on sale to the common folk like you. It's got Lucas Oil loyalists there. I'd Jason we've done a few segments with you that we do our show like for instance men are idiots we also have a wall appearance chain which is where you do something so stupid but everybody does it was apparent. His there's something in in recent history can think they like arguably had a that was my kids. Does it make you a bad parent just general Don Imus you know I'm being. The unintended. Eric Chase on the net. This one's for you. I may. Just get dirty again tomorrow. Oh and win. My little until in the back seat sometimes and not the drought relief schooler like LB they get about. Going somewhere like I'm thinking about what entered school. If you go back and he's still kind of tired that you photos of the merged and I'll forget she's back there and I'll be like going quite enrollment might help them. Still to go I'll always look out for most voters go. And I know my mom would like five minutes from my oldest daughter's school so I'll go there and and spend a breakfast our youngest daughter and they will leave there and I'll take her to school. But sometimes you give them collide in the back up forget she's back they're right Purdue at a regular school I'm getting old you know. After I remember back at my oh my oh jagr figures go out loose and today it's as good without saying a thing. All right Jason LD that the current ASEAN entertainer of the year coming back to San Diego August 13 tickets on sale today cancel loyalists there's tomorrow or everybody else. Jason take care will cease and tell. Well I appreciate it got a great jump for having me Rendell what they opened. Miami actually.