Jason Aldean Announces He Is Expecting AGAIN!

Wednesday, July 11th


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China 10 in the morning of 137 PS a one with some breaking baby news. Jessica oh man hours. An array and barreled criticism work here anymore so we can't her about her being pregnant again which he's not which and she was reigning national debt and stop it user who. Welcome John 10 in the morning and that San Diego's number one new country 137 KSO and look for upper seventy's at the coast upper eighties in in with the cheats for a scattered showers though we've just heard Jason el Deen and Jason L team. Announcing some big news yes he announced that he and his wife are expecting another baby they had the cutest picture. Of their son who's seven months old propped up on his little gullible in on the ground with that once he and it has Big Brother. Big Brother it's so cute but Jason was talking now how greet his daughters are as big sister's already with their new baby brother. It's awesome I love my girls there are sweethearts and married there are very key is him you know on either going to be like that women you know they're they're great MLB looking for. Permit the symptoms like what he was just. Think over the years and has played really what what happened or the and ten year old will be added they're changing his diaper in so they're they're awesome with them and you know he sees him walking around or whatever and start smile and it's just it's it's really cool for me to see you know them bottom like they are it's it's nice. I just had an idea of what to Jason Colby in Sydney and his new child okay. Decent in the first the baby brother's Memphis and so he Gagnon was kidnapped short for Knox. Or Knoxville and Knox Knox. Leon LaMont not sound as it. All I have to think on the island the cowboys got all you can aim it you can have a girl named Knox to. But because you had the right thing like that a lot of credit because obviously Tennessee's of the DJ's Neil Venus and that's where his community came from Georgia to Nashville as a young man young singer songwriter and almost didn't make it right almost all done by his label yeah on PBS has a series called breaking big and he revealed that he he almost didn't make it after being dropped a record label. Do you know it's time Daschle's a little bit of a different game he had a lot of boy bands that were hot zone they were drowned them. You know make artists sort of look like. Oh boy band member I'm always Ortiz and James and that was like. Had a often times was that guy wasn't comfortable doing that stuff for them. I was dropped from the label you'll start. When you get dropped a record company heroes Kelly blacklisted all the other labels are like are at all something's wrong and you you just yet referees. When America about that rates. As happened a lot of artists in play the game correctly now. Although you can flip it the other way too she night to bring back Kennedy played the game ended the image that they won at her house for now on trial in which you said you know line. The heck with fat on and be who I am that's when she exploded so L dean came out. I'm thinking early two thousands caused him I used to you and I started in 2000 not so long after that he came out. Com. With hick town well that was after he got broken bell. So he's been with broken boasts a tell all day forecast just think really what it's always good so he's talking about country boy bands Percy he's talking about. Boy bands like N'sync. And in the end a Backstreet Boys clearly because that was that they'll be late ninety's right the or an in which I can you picture real dean do in the wall. All book all off and on top. I hadn't really noticed the patch and from instinct and one that would not cute though it was not Q. Line on how would you. Out please call Jason you'll be in the not cute member of N'sync that's not the nicest thing to say let me let me have a budget gorgeous members enjoyed the town and pitched a patch it. While the bank accounts just go back to. This out which one of the N'sync guys steal our animals to police. Congratulations Jason held dean and his wife Brittany and their new child to be named not to see you here editor for you heard it here first the good name.