It's Time to Submit for the Military Child of the Year

Tuesday, October 17th


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A young child whose parents are in the military could take home 101000 dollars in the title of military child of the year all the details coming. Right now John Tammy Cindy was number one for new country KS so and. Good morning Jack good morning how are you we are fantastic. And we're excited to have you again because it's that time of the year for the 2018. Military child of the year apps to be sent to end. Yes indeed it is were really excited you know to really trying to get out there and canvass the community. For those nominations for you know kids were truly doing some really wonderful things in the community. Very cool Jack let's say right now that there is a military child rearing to get involved in this aura parent. On the shall this is my kid deserves this accolade what do they need to do first. Really simple actually all they need to do is go to www. Military child of the year dot org there's a button right there they click on that to nominate and then they put then you know denomination material. You know some basic information name matter respect kind of thing. And then of course you know why it is that you know this nominee deserves to be recognized. Two candidates that we're looking you know our you know really excelling and scholarship volunteer his arm leadership extracurricular involvement. You know and other activities you know all while facing you know push unique challenges to military life like you know purple deployments. Frequent relocation Sutter. John and I were honored to be judges last year. The united it these kids just blow your mind I mean it's just incredible. On the bed that first all with the go through and then how they give back it's amazing we're proud to be a part of this and proud to help support this. We really appreciate you know you guys getting the word out in the community and you know last year when you guys had a chance to you know sit down and do some of the judging yourself and you really see. How typical that is a perfect seven to candidates. You know out of the pool of individuals have been nominated because they really are doing great things out and community. Yeah I vividly remember just having is overwhelming responsibility to do right by all these wonderful volunteers he's wonderful kids. Who'd done more in their short time and I explain and you'll done period Brian so what happens when one becomes the military child of the year Jack. Sure I mean aside from the title. You know they get at 101000 dollar cash award which you know they can then apply to school or you know books surge you know whatever expenses they may have. And they also get a trip to Washington DC with a parent or guardian. For big gala event that we do. And march April timeframe wearers you know the it will get to meet. You know some of the key leaders. Within the military organization. Last year it was the assistant Joint Chiefs of Staff. For pretty much all of the service branches there repair. You know to recognize them for their unique accomplishments. It's fantastic and military child of the year dot org and what is the deadline for applications. But at great number four OK all right there you go appearance kids get on the out. On its enemies seeing opportunities for YouTube. Show how you shine or four. Moms and dads to show higher kids shine they used so much money. Yeah absolutely John can really appreciate you get taken time doc would mean that. Our it's our pleasure Jack thanks CNN. Part of.