It's All About The Kids on Living Better in San Diego

Monday, March 2nd

On this episode of Living Better in San Diego, we talk to Angela Brannon-Baptiste, President of the Board for It's All About The Kids Foundation, a local non-profit dedicated to feeding children and their families in San Diego. 

The All About The Kids food pantry is based in Barrio Logan where they distribute thousands of pounds of food to families in need each week.

After working for the USDA and the Wic programs, Brannon-Baptiste founded the All About The Kids Foundation with Shawn Heyl in 2004.

Her government experience taught Brannon-Baptiste how to run a food program, but they did not teach her how to serve people, and for Brannon-Baptiste the service component is as integral as the food the organization distributes.

Recalling her time with Wic, Brannon-Baptiste struggled with the inflexibility of the programs, "If they came two seconds after 5 o'clock... at 5 o'clock, boom, we lock the door, we couldn't help them. I'd have to open the door and say, 'Please come back tomorrow, or the day after or next week or next month. I used to just cry and say, 'this is terrible, I can't do this.'"

At All About The Kids Foundation, Brannon-Baptiste and her team keep can keep the door open, allow neighbors and family members to pick up food for each other, and make sure that divorced parents are able to keep the cupboards stocked in both of their child's homes, all things she was unable to do during her time with the government. 

Find out more about this foundation and the Battle of the Chefs fundraising event taking place April 14th at Bankers Hill Club.