Is It Okay To Bring Your Baby to the Bar?

Friday, October 6th


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After this week about the bars are as crowded as it ever been here in San do you have although we're gonna absolutely it's in the food there's the question though look every baby into a bar. I am well I don't have three babies and I do like to have a drink when and how well talk about you just I don't know. This stuff was talking about this Tom earlier in the week because she was looking for a place she can go watch the packer game. But still be able to bring your kids OK highlight right now I finally have fun but I have three T think you wanna have a drink yes. But you can get your kids your husband's working you know on higher baby sitter that's right and for what it's got ceremony for a beer so. So you grow your baby you know bar S and you've found a place in my life. Place now in San Marcos because it's. I literally walked up at 10 AM this past weekend and I am up. And I said our kids a lot out in this place and they said yes. Issued a bloody marrying that kids can have you know. They can have their water their Jewish or something it's something the bomb on the ground. 61957. Though number 1973. And yeah maybe. All are they curious Witherspoon. Again substantively on salute after gates or booze on at 10 AM. I. And is a champagne on Sunday mornings with Iraq. I mean come in a hearing. Julie what is your take and Evan having babies in a bar hop huh. Obviously I can't. Let the bartender and yet well don't bring an amateur but amateur. Honey adding. That I can't do event. That and. Story you were tending bar before kids did you see a lot people bringing their babies and your bar. I don't yeah Ali yeah I don't like on the track are you yeah pre DO. You hear that. We me. Our. Beat all the time on the body will it. Our goal get it back people look at it aren't altered. Excellent point easily so Bruce's staff currently are you a place like that that's also like a restaurant like yeah. We can all agree it's the British got a kids' menu. Those pretty okay having occasional bar and hit the place well in linked hammer okay. So that's why I had to ask them because it set up like more of a bar but they act calls. Still they said kids during the day time is not likely guy which makes it OK to make okay now let me ask you this. Are your kids run rally that jungle gym where they pay and any other behaving themselves are right for about an hour they repeated themselves and bright towards the end is where they got up and tiger running into the Booth this isn't exactly your enemies to give mom. Know your team I mean answering a grumpy old men here but nothing irritates you more than periods when their kids run around and not even paying attention to them what's. I always say that it is the patio nothing irritates me more than this it's true. Slightly altered when we have kids when we when I had babies. There was nothing I wanted to do more the gall to eat or use of I couldn't do that because my baby is crying and screaming am I gonna subject people I had I had Darlington we had way too many so it was a rare occasion that we did owners five. Jimmy has. As the rest yeah. Yeah. Our house up. 61957. Though number 1973 do you bring a baby into a bar are you court that he is absolutely not there's a time and place for everything for the loving god consider her. Should you bring a baby into a bar 619570. Number 1973. John and Timmy in the morning I'm KS so I'm friends and tell my hand. Are doing real well happy Friday bringing a baby you know borrow a lot. No I wouldn't bring a baby walk in to a group are allowed it may be glad. I had an experience where. I want to borrow it. You know we imagine it being sent me. Cap yeah are and they they I'm I was sitting at the actual bar. And someone let you know their baby in the car on one of the bar stool. Mean I. He's allowed I think it's against the law as well I don't know I think if it's just a bar then you can't but if there's food served it's different. I I don't know but it would look a little out of that point and I mean it just made me here I mean self aware that I. They've reaction you know is the BartPE in note that law and all that that they are you sure element English that I do in those. Even have a great point. Why should you when you're enjoying very much an adult thing wings booze. Sports why should you have to watch your mouth because the baby next year. Claudia exactly how we are with that girl and and she looked like abdicating the other way. My lip and you can bring the baby in the Barley want Brett I mean I have a Booth that you know they're able let you do that he. Yeah yeah more dolby. And that's a great point biggest here all right let's go to rates are you working a bar your tape. I yeah I think it's totally fine to bring a baby into a bar I am also a mom so. I think it would buy a ticket that if French and have a good timing. You know a month in a drink every once not a. Rachel let me ask you this your bartender. Now I'm an appeal what would you think if the baby is like on the bar stool or on the bar car seat. Under the bar and it caught. Only happened before we have like out what people like Gator no baby sitting out. Could you usually have to say hello. But under it and they have made and I never done that OK I final bullet or cable that's usually I mean it sold a lot. When my kids were little and I wanted to brutal bar with them or how well cook well one in little bar or restaurant with a bar and it I would say is it okay if they sit here with me yet and if they didn't I would find a boat for. Gap for the most part people always just get a table and they have their and and that feet by and promote part it's loud and there but you know it's a popular dart around watching games. And I think it totally fine you know my Cuba and have two year old now and a hoping is that where can we go that all it I hit good. Menace on lawyers that's pain you gonna jump captain Morgan Alpine new babies and bars captain. Altered how big is barred should be elected smoking nonsmoking section like it maybe not maybe. I. You know what he heard there was some place like that in Verona Wisconsin they had the family section on one side. And the other side with adults only so that way if the parents wanted to come and watch a larger whatever they can have their kids there but the other side you couldn't have kids it was a great idea as cigarette habit. Kids are already called chuck EQ. Obama did dole I wanna be an adult at a bar can't get an appointment take care.