Interview: WWE's Tyler Breeze and Fandango

Tuesday, December 5th


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WWE smackdown lie is happening tonight influence you I ask for 45 ability casino center. You can get tickets and and details that KS ON dot com we got some boys right now the noble about throwing our guys around we talk about the tag team duo. Greens and you go god I welcome a day and employ user adds yeah. I know it's. And one of the guys picked me up and shake mean LO I know I. My back has been out for three days if they know it just shaped car and again. Well I mean I have picky appreciate you the last summit did that I gonna I gonna grow pregnant hollow out. Don't answer that would be quite the miracle actually. Obviously that's how tough is I love you as the they made me say. Deliveries and dangle the nucleus going guys thanks thanks for days' notice and if you can try to pull the curtain back for one sections of us and we're just talking about before we came on the air no yeah. Yeah do it first of all you look great evidence you'd be so bold announcement today if you wearing high water pants. Yeah slowed so we storm already it's in men and my girl and I moved to a bit of shopping and I prominent appearances weren't turning dirty throughout media and in. I thought their high waters but apparently they're in style our advertising and solid all the rage yet they are high waters but that's the look right now when I think has to show off Sox sports in my socks two men the Sox as good candy can't take him. Yeah. It became inside Israel and the more fashionable to tube. You know I don't drive aspirants stood a year I'm sorry I didn't like tennis and I didn't ground a little bit. Kinda keep us on the path he likes to as you can tell he's really a running all the studio here fashions. Stumble into things WWE smackdown live tonight at valley view casino center is a tough doing what you guys do whereas people who recognize you. They'll fight it bars he would do I see you'll learn that tough let's go let's go broke a flashy you know what I don't know we had a Starbucks and sets up some guided wanna fight us but he was he's got an altercation outside a storm. He was he was really into a sea do just yelling how how are you guys rock and rollers. May I use yeah. Outside a station here yeah pretty yeah and we all that guys get off. He'll just tell people broke up hiring and jumped in the car at the end I was I was a little nervous not the island because my high water pants that you had and I was gonna happen mr. You can't predict how you guys got into the Demi divvy. I certain nine. At the Boston eventually went down to when in 2006 and got signed in 2007 so I've been WB for about ten years. I sort of Canada. And now O seven and I got hired a think about 2010 and so yeah I'm almost seven years going on eight with a what initially attracted you guys to getting into that it's you know the typical glass or not the typical leave her before. Six year old kid miss that watching on TV San I think immunity that I get older and I I just kind of veered everything towards that follow through that basically mean. The money here. I. And. Yeah I just pretty much one to make a lot of money so. Ice my cousin Bob is the biggest W Debbie. 32 in Dallas for their honeymoon only our. Now of his question is. Between being very busiest fashion police as love looking as gorgeous says both the pill when you need to deal for me tie them. Need time. Hollywood where you know I'll duty discard she went for area run on the beach with my dog Finley in this week. I as well liked to hang out with my zoo as Alex called nine out. To rescue dogs animal rescue kitty. Sites like to lay on the floor and they just kind of on a little obstacle course form guys we appreciate getting up early this morning Anderson's coming up the best time of day for you guys you should be meditating every for your next from your next match I wish you guys getting units and then we'll. I think closeness struggling in new parent I. Your time on here in San Diego can takes guys may shoeless Joseph amounts are star roses are going to be outside the suit I didn't mean any prior I. Yeah I felt like a regular endlessly. You know as I figures yeah go tonight WWE smackdown live against such a 445. Belly be casino center all details at KS ON dot com.