Interview: Tyler Farr

Thursday, May 12th


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You know Tyler as far as redneck crazy. Tyler far zillion talent many Intel AM Brad Paisley as the headliner may 21 and Tyler joins us right now driving somewhere across America mean I guess where you are right now Tyler far. Yeah all right I'm gonna guess that you are is somewhere in rural Ohio. I mean the little tennis these leaving our goal pals. And I just got to beg to execute this get enough headed in this studio. Now these today. Which rural route hi where you line. Up. Well outlive. They dished out go after creek bed drink let at all awkward golf ball are tang arrived at whatever follow. The but that's how you do that are out there. About the fact it does actually via Qaeda leader Bob thank god we're actually the city of Europe Greece now. Clearly Tyler far Tyler far is gonna be Allen Brad easily. When they hit sleep train amphitheater just next Saturday got a lot of work to do before we see you just a week from the week in a day away. Man it. It's been a very busy left. Few weeks yet Baylor or is he said the buses tired out back out again adamantly. Actually that's our what was abstract. Paula the whole state showed up all the new lighting that. I was strokes that he huge great grow and trying to swallow all of a stroke. Tried vocal surgery so and cover trip back. Good news bad news is those upper get through much good news says Barbara injection in my diet what. Those. So not only did they did just this spirit and better they got even better than I've ever beyond the doctors that they are very big it's never. Actually that's. That's not only good news but if anyone is in familiar Tyler fires the classically trained opera singer and was in. Choir in high school. And I I where we're talking about proms in a high school right now did Dina required do you think Tyler gets you. More girlfriends that help you out in the girl department. They say it's a given day I'll probably still back Chicago school football Shia members say that that I have to literally empty bowl or pat. But their ego like but officer Mary yeah right they're like oh. Look for that got filled true Libya among the folks here. Oh they had mine does but I did get better probable pre era church. Tyler far is with us and Tyler has got game apparently Tyler went to prom with a senior when he was a freshman and I know they wash out there was that golden. Accomplice John already. There are when we see you you're going to be I think what they've the second day of the tour right east you kick saves on Sacramento that. Right down to see us go there'll be enough time for Brad to pull one of his ethic easily ranks getting you ready for this. But well above not straight remote threat hey man I'll let back to go but I'm never said what she looks blocked off. So you have no idea to. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter you can do about it. Only is he or. It's so hard that mattered absolute. Net jobs not about yeah about about the guys should not book movie awards okay. So we're at the other end so he mos ago where army aged and they'd better watch. Meant stellar. It's going to be hard tell what. You know we QA to CNN's been too long when you return to San Diego would Manny into any course Brad Paisley. I was and enjoy your breakfast enjoy time in the studio city adjacent forest. Well do man thank you all grab your AM bell looked orders stay out there diamond joins us. You like Derek. Who had trouble Jason on the Intel.