Interview: Tony Hawk

Friday, November 3rd


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We're super excited for our next athletes on the team he's food on North County today Carlsbad represent. As Tony Hawk. Oh. It really got a thousand things going on. Including being dad. Yes it was an form and the most important job that pinky for stopping by rappers in north handle important in his area is do you your home and and it that we appreciate very much of course things. All right so. Which can spot and okay well quiz I'm gonna who is usually hard copy on your ski boarding your or your ex games career but your. Film career in your intelligence anchored on man you're highly accomplished actor us well I. It's escape bordering leaving the Q you've played so well is like I knew what you were doing yeah yeah. You know this method acting. Studied for awhile aren't with yellow you do here. Tony Hawk. On Tony Hawk I like it while you appeared in a weird Allegheny could be video as an extra yes what video was it smells like Iran. So. You and fulfill one of my life long dream I'll never get the chance what you did as appearing. As yourself I guess voicing and the Simpsons yes I remember that episode vividly but do you. I yes what's sand eagle and it was also on national fuel line blink when he. Oh yeah he's an actor softball it was. Redux I didn't actually get to the in the same area with them like we didn't report together I com nor did I get to deal with any characters. Really is yeah bomber as it was a little bit but. I'm against of the table read with actually read the entire script for all the care a great without as the coolest thing by far on that who's that who's that this is only from me being a fan boy who was the best. Actor a lot do the work was it was here. Yeah yeah yeah so at least yours that was almost everybody always right right exactly all right Tony bought YouTube for 21 you I got. All right Tony Hawk finally. You appeared. In mealtime video as the gas and the educational cooking shall handle it. Where you helped cook what boot. Let's see we didn't handle it odd that a couple. Things with those guys I'll give you you have you assisted Healy Morton Stein from sauce boss yeah cooking. The last thing you're doing with them is we made eight. She's burger pizza but I don't think that was is not correct Tony Hawk I'm sorry the answer was egg rolls. Answer was a little I am not an expert on my own I thought I'd come here. Advocates is that scope your Wikipedia the agency was right I wonder how long now it's so painful. I mean you know it's a free throw some right and you think maybe April is wrong and and the people who I mean people move out it's time to get through things like that right. You know aren't doing it through the best reasons you know really does like to focus on the worse. You know pseudo facts yen examining yes of course an immediate it obviously it's hard to name but yeah that whole movement in and the sad thing is is that I'd go. How. How old wrong it is. But I still they would immediately but the people oh sure this episode and I like. We don't it's it's yeah so we are also has. Is monitoring us because we look to the a couple of artists that we met back in our first days in radio and in threw us into their Wikipedia page that is really is easy is that he has jump on as a as in the nobody Ehrlich quoted puts up in their. And whoever's monitoring quickly took that off yes well like science and helped Toby Keith we. Elena indicated. Right of I need your ID and our secure. Even now I think we do but it's very beer baron in there it's always it's always like five pages long hours later sentenced. In my dad did it. So it's mob mostly about another volley yes I was exist or does. They weren't done though it's a school and I love them. Tony we know what a philanthropist you are in this area of all the skate boards across. The world I guess that you helped construct it help kids. Who didn't have that before so we thank you for that and we also want to invite you guys to leave us. The key is when dot com he can't get to Carlsbad today and donate to the scene eagle food bank because right now in this amazing time with all the food around as there are people who don't have that. And you can go to he has a dot com our virtual food bank. I'm making donations that way. Lot of influence he had done on my adult children. As well as mine excuse me three and a half year old grandson. Was born. Account who's already been on the board up and watching his mom and his uncle CC for the longest time his name is Leon. And there's script I was trying to fight and I couldn't. And in the lower in. Rule. On a hospital in. It's so cool that is available to them yeah yeah I was that age that was no parents were really allowing it anyway that it was good yeah you have arrived a couple of when your kid if you could escape or anywhere. Yeah I have mr. yeah. You don't just yet you find any animal parking lot of swimming pool and do you think a real quickly before you brought a kids getting involved like this a couple of watching YouTube channel there's a couple of of twins the twins and into this way. Because of the future of skateboarding. It might yeah I was as the with a worker in nine eagerly. Here's a personally puck better than I do which really missing a lot but probably a better Mike. I think you're born with ski or attached to their feet. Is it also. Schools flavors. You'd like that you eighties. And ski pack your rules and that's really cool thing yet again there. And artistry and these guys that are currently. In racing. It's like yeah it's political. Wedge brought that up by the way I happen to know with the very observance that you Brodsky port with. It to you because you guys filled the entire park and park. Anywhere nearby and partly on the street and stated that its latest. Luckily maker guess have to find another way to end that's part of that are yet. Be Elizabeth that Tony Hawk skateboard park OSHA does not. We persuasion to do so now the park will rule video. We stretched a little early but yeah on the spot but you know all right well the upper Tony Hawk. And a Japanese food fun representing Carlsbad that we've had an absolute blast yes we have any you know what if you could make it out here to they go to kiss when dot com click on our virtual virtual food fun make a donation that way you'll feel good to kick off your retailer thanks Tony we appreciate you very much and John Jamie's food fund wrapping up things in Carlsbad fake village kitchen of my shot unloaded much. I'll bet high school all this fabulous do misrepresenting his well on goal answers tonight in thinking north and if we're presenting a John into MEK as though and.