Interview: Tim McGraw

Wednesday, June 8th


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Our next guest has done it all through the award winning singer actor author father. Astronauts a couple Tim McGraw but. I'll call you my friend. Courier I hit it really get I have to ask you with all the things that you've accomplished and by the way of looking in the best shape you have. Ever been and how this how do you stay humble and kind of seriously. I have four women in my house. Humility is a regular. Pleasure think. I won't really. Do you still relate to us as we think you're all the ads. That was his dad is seriously also tired of your music I adore you find yourself at the CBS what kind what do you mean there's eight different kinds hook up the. I'm I am distinctly feminine happened just last night we read a fortune sorry are sort of my daughter's Rick Meehan. You know it. Craig Campbell with a single through I'll look his new record any singer and I'm trying to bring the army which are terrible on the trigger and I'm trying to figure harmony. Sitting at the table while he's up on stage in my daughter Audrey Lingus is to add. Be quiet. That's how you stay humble and kind of example of or we're certainly Tim McGraw is our guest end I guess I can gradually you and humble and kind and ask you are you still just blown away by. Seemingly can't do more in your career and all the sudden humble and kind comes along I mean. My god you're. Crazy you know and not only the response that we've gotten by in the country music world would finish in the united church from all over the world. Possibly gotten from people on it's you just have such a timeless and timely messages in the world that we live in today and when you when you look around the world you look at life in general when you look at humanity you know no matter what. The logic come from no matter where you're butcher. Belief system is torture culture neutral for the world you live in. We also think things are alive we all ought to be alive in the world we all walk. Hello and explode and we all opportunities for kids are terrible yeah the defense official really represents to me. It resonates with everyone here as well and as a matter of fact I I got an email from a racial coming who has. Talking about twin oaks elementary school where the principal cellist tumbling kind in the music director. According to the performance of 500 students who was saying that he sing your song they put it up on your FaceBook page and he it's just it's it's hitting everybody. That's sort credible. Do those sort of things and if you love what you do and as an artist and been as fortunate orbiter to do this for a long time and when something comes along and are very fortunate Mark -- ever if you discover the source that. They're really stand there are bigger than me as a martyr just realized self help greatly your health portions short they're part of us. We're with Tim McGraw right now is of album is damn country music and humble and kind is this man. Should listen there's not many diseases that are more screwed up than the music business I know that you know that firsthand similar growth. With your long career. Yet when you see a song. Like humble and kind come across your desk do you know instantly. This is going to be a live like you're dying or you like I don't know man I guess it's up to other people. It's always a but the people but you know I have to trust our gut trust my instinct. I and so the net moves in the officials that if it doesn't do that since. Didn't our relates total board over military control what people are paralyzed. What do border wanna play and give us certainly have an artist subtle at all. Goma that attitude I've ever think about. Part of what what to my fans won't hear all the radio wanna hear what is my American normally format because I can't think along replied that they're going to think. What does an artist moves me and mortars and artist doors today. Yes when loyal listener Steve wants to know how you keep your marriage so strong after all these years. Or pardon. Bobby just is quiet as possible. Dot I. I listened to the woman Tim McGraw the genius dollars I am anything thank you so much for your time this morning we really appreciate it. They can go photography.