Interview: Thompson Square

Friday, February 23rd


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You don't kiss me or not. Met we love these guys and Murphy are people in the world keeper and Charlotte Thompson Thompson square coming back to San Diego next Thursday Issaquah casino. Not understand we only have key for today's shot is out to a mommy duties innkeeper is got dad duties and if I'm not mistaken just dealing with the issue of baby Cooper as we speak Kiefer. Well lyrics can eat eat your. You are. And there are little. My knee how we help or hurt. Mall over on to I shot a shot at the 21 birthday this weekend. We're going to Disney World and so. Assured you pervert it. Yeah it's only so much on it just turning 21 you can have a personal Google drink at the house of my house that's great. Every great man and a great. This isn't Cooper's first visit to Disney LA that. I can't stand the guy because you know it to me I would probably fourteen to get a good meal in her. A team that is new world he's probably been report. This is such a different conversation in the within though the ones who had like 45 years ago mom for the we are with Nike for Thompson won him a Thompson square. Times Square is coming back to San Diego as a matter of fact Backus a Kwan casino. On Friday on Thursday rather march 1 I can't wait to see guys it feels it's been forever man. Well you know out forever and a lot of change. That we lasting you guys and and you know I got it like in an inch here the past few years as you probably and there are yeah. They're in the business now. And that we haven't made it really could say it is and Canada elevated record here in the next. Repo rate the rest early song and were. Ordered it started for this project commitments so law. In April at least five years we've been a lot of good outlook. Do we change that and now we are I think it out now. Somewhere in the early late spring maybe it for Bryant you know we meter record or pain. You know keeper we talk with you we yours allow us to have a little bit of fun with you so. Did you my plane a quick fun game it's it's called it seems better swinger since you guys are Thompson square. This is what you rolled the casino and you don't want seven. All right this is. When you're playing the game that you make words. You may work or yes traded disgruntled covered it this is not an eagle is one of them but that's the wrong shape. Let go my 80. Yeah what is that. Pulled her awhile was Greg this is the outlook saying that you put up on the wall to remind yourself of things. Yes this is that you make at camp fire with marshmallows. Morse yes. This is he lives pineapple under the seat. And this is boring thing that you eat when you are sick. Not very. Kind of nothing against them keepers the smartest men in music are hoping you could stoke this adds chocolate in it and some people put other things in its in its a dessert. You put it into squares. Brown is the upset some people other than I was in the what were you out there right yeah. And he's a bit. Thompson squares coming back to Lewis a Kwan casino on Thursday march 1 to show I'm really looking forward to. It's been too long as you've seen our friends and this keeper himself said too long since we've heard new Thompson squirming love that. Essar are gonna miss it I'm playing back to Wisconsin to meet my second grand baby should be borne by then so I'm gonna be I'm going to be taking off in the airplane that day. But please say a hiatus on reforming. Man pot and bring your priorities straight. I. Even worse than he could all be there. Art got an. Hour all right let me unable. I'm down Sosa are Hillis you'll see very soon love you guys give our best to your blushing birthday bride. And we'll see Ed as the clock casino on Thursday okay pal are good guys.