Interview: Shaun White

Thursday, February 8th


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Think people forget I'm from San Diego I've been I look at adult bar area. Torrey Pines for immediate that there and they said that they'd apartments or legitimate. So you know look at that look at port democratic and it's so you know I would still put up the big there that's how I got in this noble I'm not from Colorado or politician. Thinking back and they're listening to your story show on and knowing that your local guy and knowing that you probably you know when you were skateboard back in the day here in San Diego running from the cops like all the skateboarders had to do to get your time mean Udall was always looked at a looking back at your house and what you accomplish you know you own this this is Shaun White enterprises can you believe your life and times. You know at the trip permit are actually like I I've always looked at to compete every kind of followed looked so right I mean even music I mean I placate our nowadays are the bad cop bad things and it's because that I'd want to get our X games this bill or contest. Tell a level playing music meet friends in the neighborhood moved to LA or you account musicians and now we we cured quite incredible here. Shot like appreciate you very much Manning and we have more time with the others didn't shed some more you're really cool dude talked to her her brother where would you take us what's your favorite hang out down here. Oh down let. Particular area and. Well right now we're mission valley so. Mr. guy I used to say this gate at the ones gave them their guys. Many of the road from us right on yeah yeah. Q did you 49 year old guy had a skateboard with a bad back. It so arrogant burrito. Found something shone a light can't do. Awesome but I really take care male toxin here thank.