Interview: Scotty McCreery

Tuesday, March 20th


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Our next guest is this close to that when the biggest hits of his career and guess what does a song that we might not have ever heard. Scotty mccreery is joining us right now congratulations on five more minutes body. They say thank you very much appreciate it. What was it like knowing that you had a great song that you wrote. Something that meant a lot do you dealing with the passing of a loved one and BP could release it right away mostly driving you crazy man. Yeah it was it was a little frustrating but the minute all of you know that was everything blew it all worked Belton. You know that goes a little more return unit in the detoured time relevant forward to it these are some of the tablet finally you know I'm a mountain. It's that huge. Well and sometimes it seems like something is coming to an end to but there's a good reason for because of something better on the other side. And you are certainly showing match and I know we've talked to send sent but I want to say congratulations again to you on your engagement last fall. Thank you very hood did it. Google has been single vulnerable on the outcome and now with the women who it's up to dole spoke. Check. Guys check this site you thinking about getting engaged with him how sky it is so he writes the song this is it about the relations volley plans to propose to her. And then just hours after you you get on one knee. And ask her to marry you you play heard this song I mean it it doesn't get better than that. It's been are actually went to plant which would really have handled things. It was a good as the day and or bamboo their mouth and was there some mystery and from Oklahoma the Johnson. It it all just perfect. Luckily she says yes Mata had to describe. If bill was great. We were introduced to Scotty mccreery of course of the past American Idol champion. Where he was a young kid and Skype wants us although he's a man now okay does it go I didn't go out with them. Anyone have a drink it's okay it's allowed right Scotty. Really animated that that question gets asked do at dinners and like so a lot of really get. That gives bluntly urged that. If it. It's a group of guys that you know when you get introduced to the public you know all on TV on the delivery room twice a week for months as the little. You can look in your own domain so that kind of integrated unit I get I give them. Is it hard for you watch those both past episodes do you watch those past episodes. Do agree upon and everyone the year I'll be laying in bed and can't go go back and remember is that I cringe or allies civilians at all. It. A good note juveniles bag groceries too much before that I got. And have that experience. Thirty pleasure I got to live and learn. You know eventually Scott if you have children that will actually be a great little testimony for Thelma. Where you say you feel goofy or whatnot but cute that's where you found success and you can show them both sides of the spectrum then. Yeah you know if one of those things are just got to go through life. Figured overcome that and they don't have a blessed if you know looking back it was meant what we're doing all the records and probably even. Or are very different probable that you did you have whereas got the curious got a victories got a huge hit on this and five more minutes. You've been asking for in case we play all the time now we brought up idol and it's not entirely. Unselfish guy we do something on our show especially brought back now they brought back America Merrill. Cold shower I don't we've never had an actual American Idol champion. Judge this before but yeah we're gonna put you on the other side of the state we're gonna actually puts you at the judges' table would you mind. There are good of all right so we were doing it too by the way to Scotty mccreery music uh huh you probably. Well part of a merger songs quite translated this way please forgive the well us for getting some the lyrics from time to time and horrible singing but I listened to all three of us do want your songs and then you can go ahead and judge. Who thinks the best meet John. Which I would recommend I Tammy. Or producer staff okay. And I. Good morning we got our first staff here is. Is she out. Contestant number one it would be me. To a good. It's payday. And I got nine guys through the lyrics there on my were in the shower and it was early scouting. Don't let them drink a little bit act in New York owner to the thing out. Not now 'cause number two is Tammy so well. I'm always. Mo and did. He miss a move. He's not sure corn look with the original lyrics but with him props got that other. Or that it rumba that it but reputed. That we grew. I mean I don't know why I heard and I hear and that's what icing every time now. With all the respect to the song right themselves try to McCurry all right and is it just a number three or producers step was wow one heck of a singer Scotty there. Well. Yeah that happened but fun the last thing with a lot of luck about it whom you happened. Lou. I'm feeling it feeling it. I think you captured abilities of flip flop a double double digit deficit. That weren't open that security. All right sky McCurry who is your shower idol has determined by former American Idol himself Scotty mccreery. Oh man well. Well go both periods jewel and here a bit of a hurried jumper gonna have to do you the bronze here it's good for the valiant effort at. And in that built the but he bluntly. Welcome blah blah. Or and remember duke. And I've been kind of our goals. Two she always seems porn while they drive me crazy. But I have. I go to go on court movement. Go to federal. Are you gonna curse Tammy get my chance she's seeing five more minutes live on television or in concert and say corn muffin inadvertently we we planted the seed now. Will absolutely happen if it than that on TV do if knows Sammy that would that was all you. All right sweeter I hate you for having such a wonderful sense of humor we really appreciate that. Food five more minutes this kind of decreased fastest growing radio single his career. Scotty are last time you were here was I believe RTS are one country first Christmas we can't wait to see when you come back to San Diego soon so make that happen enjoy your time good look with the upcoming nuptials. And we'll talk to assume now. Thank you very much you appreciate having you don't have a good goma. I suspect. But I don't have to do.