Interview: Randy Jones

Friday, February 16th


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San Diego Padres hall of Famer Cy Young award winner. Legend and now we can add were very happy to do so cancer survivor to that list. All around great guy Randy Jones is with us again today hi Randy John Jayme always a pleasure. Well we join you for coming into the studio with us that today now more gonna help kick off your run walk but there's still time for people to register or. Your report anytime you walk up to date fifteen and I'll sign yet okay you know also. If you actually be the person's idea bridge donate if I have Q ma'am actually multifaceted mannequin to at all and I'll be there bright and early. No greed and everybody and I look forward to the look I got my own little team you know mark coloring these runners at that walk. I kind of and yeah. Yeah yeah right I'm not quite ready your idea that you know get my strength back and feel a lot better. So there things looking very positive for 2008. Team you were so happy that you said that because last year we're we're about you guys know she was fighting jury go. A walk my hearing and we can see that you were struggling and it's hard for anybody struggle. Especially a person that is an elite athletes such as yourself who must have been very hard to put on a happy face every day. When people are looking to you for guidance and inspiration you've been crappy. Yeah you know guys are usually it's amazing he's going through that a portion perspectives gonna change my life a little Medan. What I really realized through that is either eroding as saying knowledge he had cancer patient wants or going through but. Also what the panel is going to yeah. And I shot my own thing in my own reflection in my family and do what they had to go through and knew them because of what I was going through now. It was just amazing how that that really kind of hit me Tito went home guiding hands and everything in this little walk eight years we've been doing this we've raised over a quarter million dollars. Here for these kids and adults and that you know we appreciate you guys support and be announced they're worthless and I just I just can't say announces the one that seventies when I first got introduced a whole guiding hand someone up there and get a little prayer action. Well just amazed how they help these these people these kids and especially the young ones Sydney made big big teacher model of a long life and how much a normal life. So if you're not familiar with what home guiding hands does that helps those with developmental disabilities. I'll become independent in this obviously. Now obviously can you might not notice but my oldest daughter has Asperger's syndrome and living on her own was all we were always wondering if she was going to be able to do that's. And we have some struggles and we had some some learning curves and had she been here. That would have been the place for her to go to help her she could have. Hurtled over some of those issues that it took us a long time to try to figure out. You bet AM avenue facility they have and the opportunity to see about a young again maybe you find that that maybe hostage taker wanna remind me. Now what about the parish I don't know what to do shirt and then go to home guiding hands for help. And also meet other families there and ashamed they're endangered Croatia shall they can share your stories and in and knew this all by themselves into the double and we gonna benefit from what Oklahoma guiding hand steps.