Interview: Psychic Medium Bill Philipps

Friday, January 12th


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This is very cool for us we have renowned psychic medium bill Phillips who was named the next generation of psychic medium is by Dr. Phil. He is with us live this morning when he's doing and be you do the show tomorrow. At courtyard Marriott downtown San Diego from one until three we'll have all the information for you. Should you need here KS ON dot com and he should be talking to us right now but medium bill Phillips has already sensed something from our associate producer Jessica. Who appears are you freaked out right now just some yeah bill look like John Tim in the morning hi thank you so much for having me you know when you came and you said I have to tell you so much already came to you. I easily in my uber over here I felt a father figure any richer people who have passed away and I thought I to tell you vessel and I am first walk down. They're not meant to this could have been foreign ma'am I'm which me and my grandpa I have ever again. When I hugged her I saw eleven in my mind. Which is on a November. And or our number and that's your that's your birth month commitment and that he with some not as a way of letting you know he's around to. Do you also know if there's like him and may our name connected to Hamlet gather Mary earmark person. Who may be also over there with him. I. Can call apparently took a big thing in other fun yeah. Content that has his top not the Emmy. Butterflies as a symbol that he's around. And you want to share that with you as a way of him letting you know he's there and I think somebody was gonna get like a tattoo of vest or some have talked about lake. Giving something with wings as a way to acknowledge someone else's past so. Do you know if that's for May be a difference here possibly or. He had now that's a combo but butterflies was big with his my grandma that's where that hasn't and it's if of the society and politics perfect putter hot guy. I. Us well we're gonna do is if you have a question you wanna talk and to add to your departed loved ones you can call right now 6195701973. And after a week to play the National Anthem cause or wait for that will take your phone calls and you can get some pictures maybe. Yeah we are with psychic medium bill Phillips a built very quickly. A before we go toward National Anthem which we do every day here in KS ON would you just explain a few of the ground rules as far as what people might need to be aware. Absolutely so basically I don't have any control over who wants to come through in a reading and there's also there's no time or space with weren't connecting went so if I'm talking to someone who calls online Wyman. And I'm talking about with the sids on a house or where or are whatever. It could be for line two or three I know I really don't now I'm okay I'm so when I surrender to ram and I let them know who wanted to you know communicate web. They usually will come through with that information but it really does depend from the time the space they needed. But on the back for the play and to show so might not be yield per say but I first a person hold that does the exact spears just trying to. And also it also it could be that lake your your friend lost her sign and he wants to come and say hello to you a while so these schools and engine listings down. Our our former 6195701973. There are a gym please be patient we'll get to as many as huge as we can. With psychic medium bill Phillips live in studio. Action to not to worry about the fact that maybe if you were not with her and her access or something like says there's no hard feelings were were you with her like. A few months before hammer you were with her when she. Past. My grandmother arrived pass with alzheimer's and it was an a very secure group home because of the alzheimer's. And that was in Minnesota. I was here with literally a few weeks. Now on our first job here in San Diego. When she passed away and I always had guilty heated gloves what is talking about it I personally going to visit her in her home because it was so depressing and she was not the person that. I knew and loved anymore man and so that's that's gonna we're. Do you know Ahmet. She says me blue Jay for some reason. Supposed to be a connection is sending them as a sign to you in the family and I don't know anything so media ask around the famine if and when seem not to spirits like to show us things in nature things that we'll get our attention. And that's one that's a very very very bakery. Wow okay thank you you're welcome to a quickly to John Timmy in the morning and second he goes number one for new country one of 37 KS on courage I was in the middle of talking. I'm getting there are reading here in that we want to speak with you wouldn't have bill see if you can connect with anyone that you may be missed him and what just happened was and in them in bill kind of clarify this earlier. And when he's speaking to view. Whoever speaking to him might not be yours in this case you were talking to Tammy about a grandmother figure passed we all timers and happened to remind you so. That might be what happens here if somebody if you're a hole and you hears of it sounds familiar to yours that muddies your spirit who's very impatient anyway. It wants to get downright what you felt so. Yeah and it's that it's definitely proximity related so whoever is around him MySpace basically or even on the farmlands and file will track their people to mean our our our spirits and Holdren as his. I know it's not you I will try my best to get through it was Colin and I assume our best here. When it would we have we've got Aaron Aaron say good morning injuries renowned psychic medium bill Phillips. I can more an all time there are here. I am so excited to be adding that the ink on her own. Are very welcome a fusillade definitely have. I hear that the grandmother energy connected to you and also. They want me to talk about someone who passed away from their own hand idyllic an overdose or. Something where they put themselves in that situation are taking responsibility for it. And I feel at this would be a male side again I don't know if it's family to you are fits me be connected to the family back. I'm McCain you think of anyone right now the media had passed from like an addiction issue or from something along those lines. I'm all the pertinent in that you know that it is hoping to compute grandmother. My heart. And import. Either hand that's not anything actually bringing about popular. And you know and discuss it before someone else hopefully not but if a cable grandma isn't there though and there is a connection she keeps showing me books every world on a shelf and she's pulled them off the shelf. And she is doing that with few says she wants Smith talked about lake. I'm thank you for either I don't know if you how things have heard what the books paper something like that or. If she just loves to educate people or I'm not quite sure what she means that you keep showing it to me as a as a symbol for some reason. Com and then also. Misty. Do you know if there'd be somebody connected to her or the family that has a mean that deacons with Affleck enough to frank by chants. Are wrong or. The suffering and frank person. No. It's not. And I think that that's coming through F and again how this works it could be someone in the room someone on the line that I'm let's talk about elect. Grandfather person with Latin names so I'm analysts cut their refute I'm also word this the girls come into the picture who has clicked it to. I'm the daughters or who has the girls. I'm. A girl I thought which talks about watching over the girls so. She makes a very big way of saying that she's also hoping that the person who's writing right now Howard chewing something with. Writing words. Journalism something along those lines and just hoping anomaly that's up in the gathers the media afterwards asked from the family. She also shows me the number seven so there must be elected July connection. Or something with the seventh of the month. My mom and and and that's right and his mom lifting some. Okay this is trying to coming in just trying to acknowledge mom with fest and is also trying to say. That she loves the house or she lets which is going to be doing with the house I'm happening now. And what this means like fixing up the house or someone's about to be selling or buying a house which is helping with mystery. Okay I'm on the and then I'm one more thing to effect in the syrup like keep an eye out for a time for drag in five. Kazaa I believe that would be a symbol. Of our hands and. That was good Q there and renowned psychic medium bill Phillips is performing tomorrow courtyard Marriott downtown San Diego from one until three love all the details here TS and dot com and more with bill you can hang for awhile hang out I sure hottest I wanna I am I now. I'm worried about it if you hot team at fiftieth and I guess I don't shore editorial excellence. San Diego's number one in the country were 37 KS ON with a renowned psychic medium bill Phillips who wants to you'll call. When import of the unfortunately for you all might pesky spiritually I. Right now I'm sorry I guess is don't apologize after the thanks for holding in for checking us on FaceBook lie about bill's doing a show tomorrow one to three corner Marriott downtown San Diego minding our time. Keep my stuff together right now as you just wildly on FaceBook live from the idea that act or even waiting very large story right. Yet accurate thanks for being patient when a court. I touring powering him. I'm not wrong L a K who's the woman that passed away from throat issues or from not being able to get oxygen. Well I don't world that you have you lost off of your mom's side has either moms lost a sister amount there. And my mom I am and no matter and I never. But it has the she's trying to command right now I'm talking about the fact that she's. How B where she is she's in a much better space for her throat as the case may be if you can pass up afterwards in my meek. More sense to you she's acting like holes is acting as a guides to you is well and she wants me to. And encouraging just to keep going with life at you know something to do with armed coup this. Who is talking about growing like a who's who wants to work and like the medical nursing field. And someone talking about going back like to do what a degree in counseling medical health something along those lines. I haven't had and that. And scoring count a singer and. That's what it says and says she wants to talk about the events. She's also showing me in an initial such as putting a heart on this and the Michelin with an humans right now it. She sends up to the am person. And is there any I'm do you have any connection to LA Texas or to. I am deserts Texas something on the island. And she's talking about Texas and I don't know if that's where her family's from our nets were Mamas I don't know if this means is talking about. Like unfinished business with Texas. OK excellent content that om and also com. There's someone public and show connected to you. Or at JO sounding mean. Jones though. OK she's talking about being with this person's thoughts on a living person or someone who's over at the end. Om and I feel what I wanna say it above you this would be like a grandfather figure or a great uncle figure someone militants have not. SEC issue for you wanted to hear from tennis for her is that when you're hoping for or do you have some amounts. Being from Graham talked on the outside it over three grand time that I. Never know. And so I feel like they're all coming together and I also feel lake. You have to father figures or one has won as like by him marriage possibly one has blood like I feel like there was like. Stepfather half fathers there there's there's a division off of the size of a family and I'm leaning more towards. Your mom's side for some reason do you know if there was like another person no way is considered like. Perhaps follow about was in flight was in its blood to the family. I run cramp our part for me your program that can be for your mom. I'm not that not that I know us a. Afterwards Tom and also. They keep showing you with a mustang in my exports racing type a thing like that. Is anyone in the theme we've known for like I don't know collecting working on car or something along those lines. I have to eat my hat and I am sign is he he diplomat he. Re tired and actually his mother. I am learning nanny taxes and scared. OK so I feel like I'm there watching over not only you but that's not a fan of the Stanley Islam. They keep showing me I'm number thirteen like lucky number thirteen for some reason. I'm so this might be a day and might be in numbers and that's that's connected to one of the Kiffin match or rate now. But I want you to know that you're being guided by these grandparents as a failure on parents so I want you know. Keep talking in your mind tell them they keep talking about helping you with your path through marine now or with your. Bathroom sink plumbing water and was there any serious and then. Know I can't keep keep an eye on it in my happened late today or tomorrow recollect there. I'm but I hope I hope he's been hurt. And I appreciated thank you kind. You bet they going to argue with thank you oh my gosh billion U I don't know how he gets sleeps the other great things you know that when I was younger I cannot sleep I couldn't. I kept hearing them say my name over and over Merriam. But as time went on I I had a boundary with them so I only let them and when I'm ready to do that asks the comics and defense when I was a static going on in my had he not immune so he's medium bill Phillips and appearing to morrow courtyard Marriott downtown San Diego tomorrow afternoon yes and I believe that we're giving it discount your callers I urge your listeners are. And oh ahead sound it. Yes so when 25. KS ON 25 when you go to the website he get 25% off all of our. You'll post a link I think we are website with Jimmy and bill and you're got here restart we gonna get all your call my knowing all wanted to talk to bill we just don't have time. Still this combat when everybody thought things here aren't I left him all right again only doesn't phony KS a hole and dot com John jamming up. 370 SO on this Marron Morris the kiddies love song you can use up some tissue I think John I I don't know with happened here this morning we resources be showing a renowned psychic build a psychic medium built builds the door right now. As this time percent of those. Don spirits especially people our minds but instead allowed failing him friends and they just hit a lot I think they jumped in a lot of the data that you were doing other people where they were saying things that didn't make sense for the aha hey. Hand real quickly before we get to this stuff that really freaked me out a psychic medium bill Phillips is appearing tomorrow. The Korea Marriott downtown San Diego want to freeze his show and with all the details are key as to when dot com including a ticket discount yeah 25% off so who won their if you wanna go you'll get a discount which is a wonderful source odd that this this week on the show I've announced a budget changes in my life. And billion came in and Bible I don't mean any disrespect word whore nor a offense when I finished and of anybody in this room I am indeed most skeptical of them and I was. Kind of my name a business here listening to talk to our listeners and thinking. Obama picking of anything yet and then you just hammered me worry about. Fifty different specific things that completely relate to my life than my best friend Jeff who passed away a few years ago. I think Jeff had a hand in in in ending his life now. The things you brought up that I talked to my car which would. Which he sends me songs which was a woman do that did you just. In Manhattan. Armed with my eyes got huge when you said decency songs because we were still want music together again right before he died a week before he died I took him to leak. And I played him a CD. And RC rely. The end at least a little time each other and then as if that's not enough material global world pass with lung cancer to bring up long and in and in respiratory all day and he comes to you Tim and I were a real rough place of our career we were changing jobs and let my uncle passed away. And I tried to lead number elastic had tried to governors meeting we held a Boston uncle just died yet they would let me do it yet and I am I slammed the chair into the wall put a hole in the wall. Because I yelled at that moment I can you do this damn yeah raises another bonus comes up. And then he broke my sister up by name judge Gina has done Herschel before noon. You actually says are relatively Gina did you just get remarried and they want you know that all the things you're going through right now which my my my pending divorce I mean your for your freaking me. I'm trying to say. Yeah well thank you for saying and I appreciate everything you cause us all know by appreciate your honesty though in the fact that you are. I have a healthy skeptic you know but you cannot dispute the facts come through a and that's why do as has to show people that a it's real and if we don't have the ability to talk to them ourselves and to connect to them we have to just keep up belief system and our hearts and. My and it's crazy because he's a that they all I hope. They all said to you that you're gonna get there if you define news in the that's so crazy because in this journey that I've been going on the last year I've realized I was owners of assuming things. You know my family reject my kids hate me that kind of stuff train and everyone has this surprised me with their love their kindness and it reminded me of how important cause people to you are whether family or friends or. And whether they're here or not I guess so there's always bigger always. With a select your uncle for example may have thought that a very difficult time for UP he'd left to be guided viewers and that's what we have to keep in mind is that. It it's harsh for us to crass about bad they are for sure around us and they are for sure opening doors for us that we can never imagined possible. He got the one person who thought you couldn't get it done at some fans are awesome and stuff you let. I watch your FaceBook live video bill had a moment with me that I was like oh like I was one thing after another believer great mention my Graham Miley lives a bit. A woman by the name of C which is my mind you were like Korean school Chris Mike my mom's famous friends and that's your. Re playing with your cat yeah mainly barrier telling me very welcome thanks for having your best Bannister KS ON 25 you received 25% off the tickets what you're upset again bill. It's bill Philips dot com and my last Amos spoke with one Allen GPUs so with the PH AI LI PP ISO bill Phillips dot com preference thing you.