Interview: Olivia Newton-John

Thursday, December 8th


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Our next guest is a legend she has sold over 100. Million records she's won grammys she's one CMA is she started sandy in the movie grease from John Travolta is Danny you know her. It's Olivia Newton-John. Hello how are doing any I am an excellent power you start there is all it. Tim has enough what I was LO OK okay. I'll be Indonesia on. And I and John. It is John and I. Thank you guys are pre season I dressed up for you today and. I didn't like. Oh my god never wants annoying now he wants to keep them forever yeah. Okay I thought. And we are talking onto the great Olivia Newton-John and nothing more than one of the most successful singers in the history of all music it makes me feel so free on the because a because of view in Xanadu I wore. Leg more murders. And had me and is in is such a great memory for me from my past. I'll thank you speaking and make sure. Yeah Olivia Newton-John Olivia there. There's literally even in today's teenagers really nobody that doesn't know who you are isn't it hard to to carry around the status of really a true entertainment icon if there's a lot of pressure. You know what I like I'm I'm. At a local animal might put it and the in the tragic how like try to forget who I am you know it that well timed it may get way out of him. I don't think about it too much control I'm doing something that probably can't and even then I think it's great. Felt. Why is it because you you have an Australian accent until you sing. Where does that go. One thing I think it without sound like you they all kind of change. I think I think started singing it. Mr. in expect you have like American everything we've got to act at that point two teachers like may need to aiming bomber on. The a I was gonna disagree you because he's Thurman is one of my favorite country artists and I think he did seem to me with any accent it'd be okay. I didn't country's public shape when he I don't want to get a cold front that can't duplicate the battle straight where I just yeah do you look at. I would does really look get out also talked about moving forward is your Alina and John cancer center I I was doing some research on an I have to think you first evolved for how you're talking about it. I science with care might my younger sister went through breast cancer. And it maybe there was. Clinical care there but there's a severe lack. Of compassionate care that was really all awful for her and I think that's something that's missing a lot of medicines and so I want to thank you for changing that. Okay thank you how much I don't think I'm what they think I read it read catcher in ninety cheers I was able to do a lot of things that myself I. I didn't really wanted to keep the IP that I gave it that as well Jerry that I did everything that I could help as well. What might put it Monday pick them I didn't use outlook and had them on the LP acupuncture and medication and then the rent out here. But I think that can't and I think the end of beginning cradle wanna get the that we can get people worry at all I don't think that I can't get myself. We're talking to the great Olivia Newton-John who left you may have just seen recently last month at this email or how was it in that room seeing all the with the new faces of country rock on. I'm in Alabama I I know I had to be a good luck. And there's a lot of people can't get people that that was great. Do you have the new artists come up to you in just freak out like it's just I don't know you are. Red that crippled feet. Don't get a war like it golly you know I'm liquidity calculated cheaper creeps me that there will be very special night. That's great thank you for sharing that Olivia Newton-John I have I mean we even get to Greece got so many questions and so. Stanley were on time if you ever have some more time how does give myself when we can sit up. Hot hot hot hot hot. It. Well thank you honey and I hit. You know and by the way when you go into stores now do you see that late bloomers are back that's not a Miki go. All right. Olivia Newton-John what have you don't want your career and thank you so much for what you done beyond your career it's great to talk to you end up pleased the open door policy as far as we're concerned. Thank you police have a wonderful healthy because that then and I look at it get a chance to. It might think that we got which is on the Albert Corbett don't enjoy. I thought we. Then on as the Al you have Olivia Newton-John thank you honey.