Interview: Old Dominion

Wednesday, May 18th


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Just heard Old Dominion in their first number one some breakup with them snapped back our current smash hit. An Old Dominion joins us now. Hey guys how are you go. Where are you Old Dominion for the first time ever joining Johnson in the morning I wanna start off with a stern talking to run I can't do that yet. On because I want to congratulate you guys are what I think in you can correct me if I'm wrong. Was when he your favorite gigs on talk about the stage coach did you guys did a few weeks ago I stood out. You watched you perform and you guys were having a blast tomorrow about them. You are now row we have a blessed every time we play the that was pretty amazing setting to be an outfielder Greg show. Okay and now comes a stern talking to carry out. Of its. They were stagecoach Friday Saturday and Sunday doing interviews the entire time how come we did not get the chance to meet and talk with Old Dominion. Am not did you ask the word that's that's where they or are we wanted to IL you know when a doctor. I guess. Now I'll finally be your passing that off your people. Must've been our people could put. Up a bit and we are lucky didn't know where we are. That I. That I'm very well we're looking forward to the chance and we GI's in first or after do so when you are in town. In August with Kenny says he congratulations on getting on that show amount. Thank you very much yeah we will definitely make sure to criticize specific book time just for you to bring you cookies and it's been. All right I'm players who will bring you mean candy. We couldn't do all right you guys have been asked a thousand times about that but we don't know yet since we haven't spoken explained the album title is very unusual dad. Product because there are meet strong same can be helpful there this it took this accommodation of funny irritated tone and a more substantial. Meaningful. So break up with them is the meat sauce like the baloney. It's. Right and then and then and then snap back is kind of like your LA gear lolly pop zero scandals. Absolutely for a different fun you know which what are you guys in the band could lead your way out of a paper bag because you're like the creative one who's so eighty dean did. Rarely know. That's. Not our own we're all kind of that way we have well we have people Toledo. GT gold and being in the public about the wonder guns circles making making spit bubbles are. OK okay. But you're render we call him the mama does that we all follow him like little baby ducks beat along behind the. Yeah we have to do that when your super creative and artistic because that with that is you can't add Blake. Why don't know schedules and lists and spreadsheets that are or you just explode. But Jeff doesn't do a good spread field. But it probably go out on the Annan. Opinion is joining us now next is the Chesney show when your here are you could take some time to sit in it be very beneficial to pick his brain had a match or will he or Willy sits down with you. Definitely we we definitely have have gotten flying them and then. Yeah he's he's great he's like he says he is that he won that you'll learn from he run the show and so and he runs the biggest shows there is so. He would definitely got that we take note from that we watch him watch him do this thing every single night so I. Well we're looking forward to those not only having you guys that also Kenny says that's going to be a fantastic show August 4 sleep dreaming up a theater we hope then maybe that you'll allow us to. Actually you know comes via. You know except for super nice and off. I'll bring meet in candy. What that. I would get cut are my Old Dominion step back is the second to smash hit from meat and candy. The big followed to break up with the guys we can't wait to hear more music for you see you live within your back in town with Kenny Chesney again congratulations on the great stage coach said it will Sealy on this summer OK thank you yeah you're Old Dominion over the border with Kenny Chesney has.