Interview: Matthew from Old Dominion

Monday, July 25th


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Old Dominion has had a huge year so far with a couple of number one songs. What was then bring them. And of course snapped back. Matthew Ramsey is the lead singer of the excellent band Old Dominion we're so happy to see you re emergence of groups in country music I'm sure. From an Old Dominion probably more happy but it. Look at a very good I hear you're not that be who we are. He doesn't really give this the day he's been the true bands did a family we are. Plucky group forgot right now under immortalized as you know being in Hebron after. Well especially a bunch of guys who worked so hard you know each other for so long. I was reading up on you guys Matthew and I found interest in that you. You led to a lot of bands name is before you found in settle on Old Dominion which reflects your Virginia roots. Think explain to the non talented musicians who AK morning show hosts a. A couple of. To find out why can't he won't. That's one of the Muslim pop cold triggering stay in the world I mean they tried stopping them do it you know until. You live where there for years and they know like well that's just the name of that bench but you know when you first phase withdrawn be they are found dumped dead at one point. Are you are attorney or the trade that goes from copyright issue we might not change our name. And I almost just quit what you know what particular name on them we're not I'm not doing that I'm not going to that is. Yeah we're kind of just stuck with John and Tammy who rain yelling help help help help. Can you share severely her name is before you guys a lot of Old Dominion. Go for the funny it's going to actually that this finally left it's a one night but. We were called try to eagle what I noticed joke. This poor girl that will get better do such. Didn't know tour and they are rightly so it's ship never know we were. Center right of course she went out on stage to interdict ships before and they both voter ID so you have there and that the big reduction in the third blank endeavor and try to. Oh. Era. I. Thought I saw that your heart broken over to Matthew on the early feel bad about them. Here's the odd in a few bands all the less successful in the previous my leader my name's you tell me honestly you're honest opinion labor not okay that are. Then number one. Black and white. What are very serious stroke weren't playing now claimed OK then number two. Earth earth now actually recollect that you do that without got to look out there or that well like you and making a big big big big big seven trillion trigger on a and blood on the court. That there is only was earth so we pull illicit drugs that is not really than ours but it's. Yes tap public helicopter looking a bit after ready to go right what are your program a little good free overrule. Yes I am a fan among us have great name go veterans he's the lead singer of all demand in coming into town August 4 with Kenny Chesney. Have you learned anything from professor Chesney on this tour yet. So are Kenneth chess knowledge. Yet many years. Hunter says they liberal political arms learn from where you know it's definitely shaping the band that we're gonna see your future is he making you work Alex I'm happy I did it ever did make you do it but he would definitely. They yours yours. I felt I can as good guys don't dominion or they wind up after a better all the outlawed. There's Disney watched John in my hand dragging him lies behind it. I couldn't shut yeah lock cock up. So it was a little short tempered and good morning sure. Never raise that we always go away governor quote we felt. August 4 street Germain amphitheater is Old Dominion bring in their show back to San Diego with Kenny Chesney Matthew Ramsey is a lead singer. Miller fans can't wait to watch the show live again we'll see you soon have a great rest your summer are up triggered again Gizo in dot com to get your tickets that show.