Interview: LANCO

Friday, January 19th


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Our next guests are two jumps to one of the hottest groups in country music right now. But history makers will supplant don't. The man. And in Chandler Jared trip Eric it's gonna talk gee guys happy new year. Yeah in the examiner. Congratulations it's finally here man Halloween night hallelujah it's here. Well. What's it like. Waiting. I mean that's got to be I mean Tom Petty going to best I guess the winning is the hardest part is it is it really difficult when you know what you got you know that. It's hot you know you got a number one smash or with greatest love story but many albums still not out yet. Yeah I think you know I think you're generally our forests over the past year would we just tour or replace Sony says and you know we've been fortunate you know on this as recently have been sell now. And there were packing out these rooms and you were coming out here is that we only have a few songs that give them for the fact that now we have a full body of work to people content sells you and song. And coming fail what does that lives. It's it's finally here and feel so you live. Album would also like three year process for us or just so excited to finally hit. The body of work out changes. You know give our fans and music. With the dudes in Blanco last time we hang we hung out a Blanco was. Cares Owens country fest Christmas it was such a busy night and running around like crazy people very odd chance even Nancy guys we had the fund. We don't have fun I think that a I got to think you know there's a device travel involved in this. You know you're not always unanimously voted. We we almost Punjab the world or thinks it's funny it is that the public option doesn't mean you know we know. They have a good time and any time with a crowd have a good time we're definitely have a good time so it was fun to be had. Our guys who in the group is the quickest thinker. Think her yap. Probably very. Oh and hit wanna start or you brand because then everybody else gets a chance to think about it to the OK listen we called Brandi gets put on the spot via. I hit him with a new year what is your resolution this year what do you need to start doing better or less south. Oh man reminder has risen as the release an album. Looks like I'm books. I doubt. Yeah now that. Now is that quick fun all of us are ray Chandler you're up. Oh man. I got funnier solution should have been making New Year's resolution to hold on out I'll get the only under connection here I'm sorry Jerry. Still rock and stash I guess just. Pray that god will. The couple good stash. Yeah I'll let you tell you where Ike. Well man you know New Year's resolution. We still lying about his behavior now. Oh there you go and trip near the end. He doesn't. Olympic. Instead of the whole year each month at the top of the month making new revelation. So automaker and listen to make a resolution each month. Obama in a recent interview on February Trixie that a top I don't know that I hates. Pollution inception the president. Where will it land Polanco. Even though we just got to know them here a country first Christmas have been together. Off for a few years now and have had this is due to work great Iraq. Of greatest love story of course some that you guys all saying it copier long's your country first Christmas that lost a son agree from the stage guys. Yeah absolutely I think that that is the dream you know there's there's a lot of he had bit. I think in the day you know treatment of being on stage and having people are they're seeing and reducing your song over a long time here plain clothes and your players who restarted my important national and you're just singing to people. But now have gotten out gotten our music we're actually singing with them that is the best film world. Where you guys aware of its own got to gauge during your song at country first Christmas. We heard. So Gloria overt. For people who make it I mean it's a big deal that they worried over the rest realize me is that song I don't have those memories we are honored. That happened. And real quick going back to a resolution like this is producers step and I need some advice from you guys dot resolution is to learn an instrument so he's been learning the harmonic on the show yet. Any harmonica players that Blanco. Hopefully we if we can all kind of like how hard I'm trying to figure that we we have harmonica. Parlor songs that make your off he's. I'll harmonica player to a note and actually play on the record cool it when I'm back in Nashville I think if you wish would get together and you don't give me an apocalypse. So me and pass on the knowledge. Kerry Graham and hire you. But what do you work for food and cut. First year period whatever right on islands are Ryland go enjoy this you earned it is finally out million nights go get it right now by eighteen copies and sell all your friends. I think and again guys continued success oh hope to be speaking TU a ton more in the future. Absolutely they are taking the time you met by guys. I did it.