Interview: Lady Antebellum

Friday, January 20th


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Our next. Guess so I am sold over eighteen million albums worldwide they've earned multiple grammys multiple CME NE CM there are one of the most successful groups in the history of country music and they're back Lady Antebellum. I know it's. Are all familiar friends nice to hear the three a talk and was again all wants to be back. A brand new record coming out later on this year called heartbreak in a brand new. Lady Antebellum track cold you'll look good something I tried tell myself every day to no avail god is great to hear from you again. He's film actress and I are excited to have. You music and then have it out in and be able to talk about all of these exciting thank you don't need that you know we have had a busy past you know fat let's. I knowing you're gonna return to the road got to punish Ellis I imagine year old taking your children on the road with you so. Producers staffed by the way is pregnant with her third child in all your kids aren't that far pardon ages he got the advice for Rangel and those babies for her that you guys take. When you hit the road. Oh gosh I mean where Werth stole one on one and not our house blew open mic is up landfill I mean. I I don't know I think we need advice from those with more than. I I am sure no little baby bella must help her puck went all later baby yeah alone old. I mean we're. You know this is going to be stuff everywhere is funny like when. You know cash was out last thousand he had the little baby pull out that a joke yell. Open Korea today David his life there of their activity people so like I constantly have like activities and things to do so. I probably you're sort of toward the front of the TV. That's awesome that's and that's exactly like my parenting skills vs my sister when she comes through with her kids. I literally. From the the second dig out of bed to the second they go to bed there's got to be something going on or the kids are being neglected I'm like you know what what's wrong with watching a movie once a while it's chill. And spoil our kids manners go home side. Bring all the gluten may have. On the television. All the video game play. And music value lending man I'll be event on the ice it can't really I mean and that I think they can't you know can't get away from this shirt and then from the families us. That they may come for a bet that they gave their all as they infinity and led rant about music while girls started staying in nice. This is odd that in feet and what they gravitate. Toward Charles Dave and Hillary are alleviated they are back the new song is called you look good died probably blowing a big surprise there we are gonna be seeing lady coming very soon. Back to San Diego where you guys are loved so we're psyched about that can't talk much more about that right now but we will be doing that later on. So I wanna know you guys all did your own thing and he'll come back you know your clothes she got his five years super successful together. Was the first day or two or maybe even a week when you guys got back to work just you guys yap about what you've been doing the past year. I mean it was if we fell back right into it like like we always do you know yeah I mean get this year. You know all the different experiences you know like of course that one out there was solo project and did a bunch club dates which are so. Like refreshing but I amidst some leaders have been like be onstage and played an hour and a half where they hit with the fans say in effect you know into you miss that adrenaline rush that. I'll learn some new tricks so I you know I told the guys that I wanna try to do this tour you know for being out there. You know Hillary. Is nominated for two grammys for her you know gospel project in which is I don't know it felt like. It was such a great here take a break could try something new and we feel like now that we are back together right there's a new excitement you know in his energy. We felt like we've we've we've made you know. To be our best records they do now. The new single called you look good at Charles David Hillary is legit three of our favorite people in the business you always been so kind to us even when you start off and and is hasn't stopped despite your success and going to be on the road Pelosi Valerie embrace young when a great lab that's going to be. All the information about lady a is a Lady Antebellum dot com guys welcome back. Thank you know I. Appreciate that. All right we'll try to yeah and having fun making that baby bell on band bus. Yeah it.