Interview: Kelsea Ballerini

Tuesday, October 31st


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We all know Kelsey Valerie. He hand. Good morning John and Tammy. It can all screwed us a challenge. Kelso a tossup. Tell us. Kelsey Valerie I have a question for you ms. Valerie me if I may celts. What's more impressive to you scoring three straight number ones and your debut the first time it's happened since 1992. Are riding recording every song on your second album on apologetically. Horror. And this is the big war. Being the face or shall I say the teeth of Colgate optic why do next. Oh your buddy. Eight. It's it's all very exciting and it all goes together but I I have to say writing everything is probably that they are. It's an answer yeah. Do you believe this is your lunch. Well I have to tell you when you when you were here in San Diego I was mesmerized by you on stage you have such. An amazing stage presence as seriously I mean that you just see how we've reaching out that audience and sharing what's inside of you and I was really really impressed with you. Thank you you know I may I grew up as a fan and like I remember I would like save up to buy nose bleed seats that shows you would like wait in line for hours to meet this. He has development Taylor let that soak. I didn't feel like I I have such an appreciation -- being on the other side of that you know. I know that your biggest hero your biggest idol in music issue night's win. Now that you are Kelsey Kelsey ballerina no award winning. Artist on your second record are you friends with ms. Twain do you talk to you look to her about career advice and guidance. I have gotten to hang out there are few times and she is absolutely lovely. Which obviously dust. But yeah we we were randomly kind of gotten that said the hang out and you know I think that if she is so important her for women to like empower other women and just the fact that she takes the time to do that is pretty epic. Is it. Super intimidating meeting your idol for the first time. This magical month and I think it's it's hard to explain you more marketing thing the biggest gift I've gotten the last three years it's having people that literally. They have blazed the trail for me that would be have like I've studied you know is having then my. Turnaround and reach out and enemy that's been crazy. Do you get the butterflies still but yeah I haven't had try to keep it cool that I am I don't hit it. It if it. That's a totally honest answer which is gonna bring me something in a minute we're speaking with Kelsey Valerie need this morning Kelsey you're ready for around it never have I ever thought that you seem game I like it. All right. Never have I ever going on FaceBook after drinking. But I'll. Really don't. Are OK okay. Never have I ever stuck come under a desk or chair. And okay never he'd hit it. Never have I ever. One candidate with a former pastor friends ax. Never never never the music through the coworker that he married his roommates ex girlfriend ended up its. Please through that area never never have I ever lied in the scheme of never have I ever eaten. Not a. It never got half a dozen Valerie any is ready you release. Her second album on apologetically. In his three year process that. It's the best thing I can make at this point in my life I'm really proud about. Kelsey has been great to talk to you again we wish you continued success and hole. That that success means a return to San Diego sometime yeah and under heavy back. Absolutely I'll be back within McCain and. All right perfect thank you honey hailed the wedding the wedding plans gone for a desk. I don't know and begala and it happening very there needs. It's Joseph Hillary's self described a bright zillow are you pretty cool. You know I'm not a wedding person I am not a planner which which is sound and my recipes not be right bill. Well there you go hang out with Chelsea gallery you some tremendously together I don't think you and I can't. Tell. All right Joseph Valerie congratulations. And I was about to happen and again we can't wait to see you soon.