Interview: Kane Brown

Tuesday, November 7th


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We're cheering for came round came brown had a real rough childhood poverty and tragedy and raised by a single mom who thought the car for awhile when done that to become a history making recording or by topping five country charts at once. And for our benefit we're going to be speaking with Kaymer right now looking for that would never McCain. Has come up when John Tammy and San Diego's number one for new country DSL lines open and embarrass them I came round. Our solar. First and foremost I I know that I wanted to ask you about obviously what ifs your platinum selling single which is fantastic congratulations I know how excited you are about that you and Loren have known each other since grade school can you give us a little story behind them. Yeah we were both the Gerke kidding glass. We had choir together she's always had this. Super power house voice that all of them senseless. She went off there are paying in the broader back home for American opera parade like the whole town there. And it is such a big inspiration for me that really what made me start on to do music. You know once I got to Nashville. I have an afternoon phone sorrow orders. How we decided to get a girl on that side call Lauren and I had to talk her into it introduced on the Mir go to hot box and. And that's a tough talk but she picked this on over the boxing I wonder why. That's a judge. I mean the morning to McCain brown senior to be performing at the CMA awards tomorrow. And I would Brad Paisley do you must be stoked. Yeah I'm so pomp the number that is such a great guy and I really killed and there's Foreman just really good at you know talking to you and bring in the US do you and this. Eventually make and like you know this is okay everybody go kill this and can be off. What do you think your most nervous not Tony. At first there was this song you know on site opposed to our Foreman and its failure it was you know Brad Paisley. I never met him before in my purse I mean. And then third is off first found in on the CNET. Al Micah so very. You know without we've we've struggled drawn out moment I never got a car's sixteen you know brave. There aren't that paid for Almonte cars eat a mom never gonna cars sixteen so. Heard Carter repose on her birthday which is October they did so the next day a few comic con and one not so nick today I think you know at all. And this is very it's her birthday. You know is perfect time on the contributor reliable car and pay forging a worry about it no more yeah slowing car that Toyota Camry and that is it has made me so like so accomplished that I could do therefore are just so grateful. We are with Cain brown John Tim in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country KS joined king your journey. Your childhood not an easy one for your professional journey not an easy one as well one of the things came brown is a new artists like I guess that's kinder right putts. I mean dude you walked off the X-Factor when they want to admit they wanna put two and a boy band. A lot of people thought that was the opportunity of a lifetime your Lleyton not gonna do it you launch your career through social media did you ever just wanna say I quit. Oh yeah many times. Does I don't know what it under the Spiderman. And hours and don't like being told no. Give us a little bit of how what made you decide that this is what you wanna do for a living. I was or anesthetic and target. On the huge gamer so as fine Xbox and Tom knows MacPhail wanted to be. Sound weird but one month they don't wanna be a professional gamer honesty in. He's saying in social media that you know getting involved may need come the national allow more which met mile at Nashville the national made me follow with pride and saw. CMA award or professional gaming career which would you rather have. But the fact that I am a goat and rewards are I continue with my butt in Madden 2018 are no doubt. But really no doubt I'll love it I'm not because it Haley utility almost plaguing. I'm down and now all right Kaymer around congratulations on what this of course heaven as the new single and we look forward to your next visit San Diego pal and very heroic. Are you are also looking forward to see him perform with Brad Paisley.