Interview: Jon Pardi

Friday, June 17th


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Got to know John party with up all night. Maybe you and that's. His current song is head over votes on KS ON. The mood. Morning mr. Perry how are you I'm doing terrific today is a big day in John parties live because California's sunrise the anxiously. Awaited new Elton John party comes out featuring and ran over both shot how excited are you about how head over bush is doing so far managed Aaron and up. It's been a lot of fun so to watch C watch the red eyes and and they believe Goldman there it's like a good debate. But the big leadoff single for California senator X amount and Leo let's do it right now bills. It's been fun. Hum have you heard of anyone coming up with a dance specifically for had a horrible it's yet. So nobody has beens. Mike did dancing at weddings it is yeah. Spins and you know. It's such a great kind of love story behind it it's really been embraced by people get married and that's I think that's really cool and let's. It's meant to hurt you know couples dance fight you girlie one man's living give you a bit do some. Great we'll jump party you're going to be a moonshine at beach at the end of the month and amateur site right now I'll bet you that group at dances there. Who are so into line dancing I'll bet you anything they've come up with one specifically for your song we'll have to see what they have there's certainly challenge right now. Yeah I'm not us. It's performance reported that show that it. On the eye you're gonna love that place John party is with us California sun rises out today he had John's a California kid are you going to be able to see your pop for Father's Day. So you know I'm not he he do you actually live in that abscess and Tony and now. But I guess quickly got some time he'll have an army is gonna hang out. Talk about what's going on with your summer plans John party I've obviously your torn to support the record but again take some time for you or is that not allowed over the summer. You know measure is very hard on me and I chatted like him you know I need some time off. Because there's sitting in other emirates. We agree they work you guys too hard John Smart were concerned for you. See you tell me I got a couple weeks off I predict two weeks off and for one week in August and one week in September and of course. Men in those games on the we don't want us to Eric it's funny unite people like oh yes tourist season I would like to receive and there's no season for me it's just touring all. Exactly as well when your grilling season I I think the same thing when he grilling season things. Hard jumper he's going to be at moonshine beach in June 30 we look forward to having you in town you're gonna have a great time again this is a relatively new. Bar that's our sister bar to another one that we have and I think you're gonna really enjoy yourself cool by then you really a lot of. No word on the street. Is that night going to be net. All right cool. He heard of John party we'll see you out there man enjoyed today is the big one for you when you've earned it so we're we're happy for you'll talk to you soon. I think he had always great getting your voice.