Interview: Jerrod Neimann

Thursday, July 13th


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Journeyman is our co headliner for cancel his country fast we are just three days away. Gerris killer right now god made a woman from. And joining us now I'm thinking Jared Neiman you're sitting in the house one day you're thinking you know there isn't a good get an on song for awhile I think Amadou god made a woman. You know I've never really considered better get it on song let you know I will say. But my wife is is very happy that I am. It's not about party and and it's about hurtful I think it's it's a good a good news director she's beautiful also well no thank you thank you and you're playing playing the blank blank blank candidate. Yeah I had a and but thank you for that and obviously I know everybody says because it's true that you know. Let's say it many times San Diego where they were city in the country so I'm based freedom car will elect or York. And you have shown that time and time and again for the year partying with our kids when loyal listeners Eddie's mound story. Someplace to just immerse yourself into the community which you do when you're here and that's one of the reasons why. Your fans are such fans of yours yet another way they all love hearing you say how much you love sandy would never gets all the thank you for that. It's an easy place to but definitely a lot of great people out there and so beautiful and just think travel back and economic and then. You are. As we got a great lineup for super stoked for it Saturday local stadium practice field and all week how he knows Jeremy all week we have been. I having people call us up five playing a game that we called country fest Oki did and singing the song is of past. Fox. Who played country for several from Eric church to lady age TU the winner eventually is gonna be sitting in a Subaru and singing karaoke with the U. Let's look truck that I'm ready to go sometimes karaoke can be scary Oki. Standing out what time of the day or night it is so that we know we're seeing any letters that. I it's gonna be your single honey. Our work even her that's easy enough right all up on an up now so it's a speaker that's we need to what is your all time goal to karaoke song. This point not wanna mind. There's reason for that it would be. You know this is part of a more exciting but probably you clearly don't close your eyes and we'll look. I'm looking for like a rock when Jim Iraq when they easily as well as well yeah. Yeah there. I live vicariously through my sister she does because she didn't give dancing queen checked into. Dancing queen ABBA nice we are Jerryd Neiman co headliner appears Owens country fast we are still be coming back and in this again while the usual San Diego's. It's very much appreciated and really can't wait to jam with you on Saturday night. Vote can be done and I can't say what it is but I have a present for you put duke and have a present for whoever wins the contest. Oh nice. Really can't tell us what it is though is it animal. Starting January in California understand like friendship marble Buddha. Right now I'd give him the. Our radar it's a you know and there's this special gift Rio. Jerry Neiman from me. If you thought your voice is make it big by brought up. That that I am not I am not bring you a gift now. I'm not a person look like a cute Willie answer now she's written letters. Our top take that your ear and note do now is taking a break you are. And if it's gonna go into the united Kurt you've been here mean to me. I mean you know to you hurt my one BUN I have let. Would have a good title for a song. You've heard the one feeling I have laughed all right well Jerry work on that and we expect his debut Saturday night country first listen I think you know for your time now you know yours Laura favorite guys and again senator in Iraq and you're a big part of that's a thank you. We'll try to be there hit with the reality and the reported seeing the area Q glows there's a bit on stage in. Then hopefully nothing too scared. It's it's all good honey we love you we can't wait to see you thanks Jerry do you have a wonderful day off the other couple.