Interview: Jason Priestley

Tuesday, February 6th


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In the nineties on Thursday nights it was always this. Everly hills 9021 now and then later on Melrose Place one of the stars. One we iconic stars a Beverly Hills now to don't know you know him. As one of the Walsh twins Brandon Walsh. Jason Priestley joining us right now are doing real well nice to talk to Jason Priestley is with us. He is the star of a new show on ion television called private eyes this is a stretch for you drive a Porsche your ex hockey. Air and you get the business and that's like right Gorelick and. That's. I you know. I don't buy periodically tell my problematic TV series. Right on Jason Priestley is our guest Jon and Tammy of 137 KSO and OK this is the deal it was every Thursday night when I was in college. I said down whole thing. To get the attention of any young lady who thought. And how I did eventually I got Smart and watched their show which happens to be Beverly Hills until now you are not picture Jason precede the ever get tired of talking about it or are you super tired of talking about it. No outbound calling you know what that show it. I was such an iconic shell it was. So members could give big part of people's lives. Back then dead they you know it's it is is it really is so it did it's it's fun to talk about it because it. Because it you know it it was it was a big part of people's lives. All right so since we're talking about the ninety's we thought we throw a couple of funded Trivial Pursuit nineties addition questions that you know pro war that drives it a month. All right yeah all right so you'll get the chance to answer first Jason and then John will give his answer is well. What a whole hold it means young that there yeah. You always wanted Jesus obviously. Your wish come true friend yeah all right Jason. What body part on a singing Britney Spears doll did you push to make her perform. Again 10 I don't that you probably whispers. To hurt and me who I would also guess really but yes that's rated about yesterday the belly button capsule is it in your career and never got a chance actually it's pretty spears tummy. Yep I have actually. Thought about it but if I've but I can't see it yet. Our question she'll. What athlete performing community service did Nathan Lane described as quote saying. So an athlete who was in the middle of doing community service obviously because they got in trouble he called agency wacker wielding a weed wacker unnoticed. And very gas. Relevant question yeah absolutely well more for Jason pre op aren't. What's one named to musician took the stage at Woodstock 99. Wearing nothing but his base. There. Earth. Confirmed child of the ninety's mid Atlantic and a so that is not stay and I not know to know Jason but. Had to be an incredible time to to grow up. All the sudden you go from unknown actor too like that haircut ever once copying the other ones either team Brandon ore team Dylan. Well it was it was it was pretty cool John and we had that we had a very good time making that job but I take it one thing I ever got that one thing I never experienced. I never thought came to root like Luke Bryan. It read we regretted that person OK if each and every lot of your time. Yeah it has it been real Robert paper route keep quiet he got appeared kangaroos for his wife for Christmas now everybody flipped out Peta of course because they flip out and everything. Without checking into details. On what it is that Luke Bryan in his wife actually have an animal rescue little sanctuary on their property are. And audit he gave his wife two baby kicker recruits remember doesn't want to be because I. Did I took my kids Australia cup years ago. Ability to apparently photographs and videos of my kids. You know hand eating fruit but they are like that. And you know capers are super sweet when their little wonder adult state you know they'll they'll tell you what they ask you. You're there also re powerful animal. You know you can bet big appliance Chris. Misses the point comment on the perimeter. Around the period you know. It could wind up with a bow her parents ray and a likely L and the different numbers on the dog appear in India a it's always I seriously is the costar of private eye's new series on ion television he's behind the entire show so the guys a multitask. They adjacent it was so great to chat with you this morning. All right that dark you guys do daycare I had eight.