Interview: Jana Kramer

Monday, June 27th


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Jim Cramer a plane to San Diego County fair on Wednesday and she joins us on KS ON was John 10 in the morning Leon are gonna have a warm day warm a couple of days as a matter of fact upper seventies as a coastal low ninety's Finland it is 812. Yeah Kremer how are you rule us I'm get I am actually amazing now. Amazing what makes Jenna Cramer amazing besides talking to John 10 in the morning I. Get a game clock great outside. So I know that sounds like. Terrible as some people linking LA like I did not when we're got a great trainer Larry Jackie had a bad accounting slash contact media friends who I love the army that. I love that he's all right so you're doing squads are talking to John give up we needed just what volatile market Jericho area say ten RA is yet so any playing Louisiana. Was wondering how. Your baby girl is okay RA can we got to stop doing this plaza has and I'm their run out of Brussels Franken. Think about more than a breath yeah started right number of your first squat yet is doing what's right now you probably see entire song and not lose your breath. Now our Jim Cramer is here you play the city county fair it is Wednesday. I'm not not like Pena go on paper credit it on the front and it like go to their phones. You right now and yelled there is my favorite ever so I'm (%expletive) I was that was that's one of my start next the outfit. We have a on non professional zoo were tour guide my my daughter who is nineteen is dating. I young man who we refer to as the boyfriend and when everything they do things together he always records it and he sounds. Like actually he could actually work wherever they are. Do we like that boyfriend are now I actually really do like you smiling Aramaic is. Just thinking about delegating and I I like gotten hate every guy heyday yeah keep that going yeah yeah you know if you play someone like. The boyfriend that I know he's he's doing just fine. Suspect aren't perfect and even a long way story about that -- zones that's yes I'm dubious at best right now I'm not yeah he's a good boy name is Laura Jana Kramer is with us obviously you are busy guy a baby you're doing squats as we speak. You're performing its San Diego County fair. Yeah any time this summer just in to relax enjoy it's. You know act and I recognize my favorite holiday and my husband never been ignored the issue and it's. Like you got a lake bed unlike Europe on them I thought about that I don't care how much money or how many gate like headline out. I want portage I now play. A lot forty dobbs I wanna bring Joliet and eat your great grand parent and grandparent just felt I did for the first time that they made Eddie together in my. And here I'm I'm really excited. This your freaking out right now Jenna because. I'm here in San Diego my sister's in Minneapolis mothers sisters in new York and we for my mom and dads are anniversary their fiftieth. We already this huge house on Lake Michigan in here. Have we saw I know I'm so excited is the first time in seven years we've all been together. Our our everything you say freaking me out so it's it's back like my husband never seem like dot nor does but he never liked and that's. Here cap and any thing so I'm just like outside it. All right Jim Cramer is not only pump for her vacation but to come back to a city that she loves San Diego playing in the city of county fair this Wednesday censored during the squads you absolutely must because they're small seat can give way to just having won the prize the campus doctor French toast of the deep fried bacon Obama spoke with the. And frank Herron beat dragged it back and I'm now. And I'm a trainer yeah absolutely yeah yeah yeah. Keep up the lord. It's paying off and we'll see you Wednesday at the fair. And again 61957. Though number one that 973. Jenna got me on the moon for summer vacation memories and. You're something maybe you guys saw that all the time that you do every year may be something you wish or go back to doing 'cause it's such a great memory. I'm really bringing bigger pants with me on vacation or because of my family. Almost Italians one miles into the rock and again 61957. Though number 1973. With a share your summer vacation memories with a system.