Interview: Ian Ziering

Tuesday, July 5th


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They've you grew up in the ninety's knows I'm in Ziering from must. Beverly Hills and down 210 Steve Sanders or you know as the star of what's going a bit now before shark NATO movies because you just can't get by start it. No matter where I was sure flying in the air he's still survives. I am Zairean joins us with a giant hit me in the morning on KS ON. Thanks very sadly don't appreciate that Jay Diego is. I love you they'll just down there at the hotel built for a couple days of down there to become a content coming up the end of July. He had his beautiful we do let me hear how would be sure your they're they're going to be do you think like twelve. Fifteen Tony. Well from your mouth to God's checkbook you know it's. God checked well good. I'm probably cars is short NATO bought beyond the Ziering family. Well don't forget this that Jamie movie this is not a hundred million dollar blockbuster still were still buying win achieving budget. And it's just a micro budget compared to you know the big Hollywood blockbusters but what's so amazing is that how we'd captured an audience that. You know typically Israel served two or what independent state movie you know there were over two billion Twitter impressions so sure it'll vary. Good lord. Brittan explore the were talking IN Ziering if you do watch shark native and you know missing in Shepard. Let's go back for 12 to to talk about your time as Steve Sanders a Beverly Hills 90210 show that I watched religiously every week let's be honest because my girlfriend did but I Brooking got into it. And I gotta ask a question because lord knows I'll never have the opportunity is he one. What was it like. Playing with the action figure of yourself from. The Beverly Hills 90210. They have a beta stage intersection acknowledged. Been a great David silver neighborhood a Steve Italy's Andrea. Really dissect the inventor rip off between republic could mean a mark up fortune just blood but by putting your Corvette with you. Yeah. Yeah yeah all kind of bummed out but you know it was a sham that really you know bear the brunt of it because they wanted to hold back. Well of course we do absolutely. How are speaking with ion jeering and cheering Dancing With The Stars you're on Celebrity Apprentice which she did a great job on by the way what aren't you doing do you ever gives a chance to just brief. My wife who didn't wanna be left out in this shot. In this whirlwind of business activity started at home this year things sort of blogs and (%expletive) about me blogging about being data on that she shares over at the ideas and. Things actually does what are golden era that's started the book till. All right so as a dad and husband around there's a segment on our show that John and Jimmy is a wall of parents team. Which is where we've all done something silly or stupid that that brings us in there like a mom who accidentally sent her son to school and her mom jeans instead of his own. You know I've been got her. Eyes and ears so we'll let girl born on the same date. It's the 25 they don't choke a little clear instruction manual and. It's. Game this one's for you dad. Educational toys when there's. Nail gun right over there. Oh yeah. I. I was never really good at squabbling over my daughter which is this wade wrapped the baby so they stay comfortable sleep for the night. You you have Micah green Flag Day Iraq Michael Barone yeah it would only break out of its way I usually little paper cutter. Killed the little little little tape. It worked great washed up for awhile but when she wanted to get out. Question I awakened she it was there was a fight for her chips crying and extremism. Are like Billy let me have a for a kid that I. Uptick in the navy marine but it doesn't it wasn't my client was it. That your mind is held the last thing and it. Welcome to John examines all appearance came my friends that are out. I in Ziering is in town for a for comic come later on a course shark meal for July 31 on scifi ions very take care man you're always welcome here. Yeah I.