Interview: Hunter Hayes

Tuesday, June 14th


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San Diego County fair is tearing your opportunity to win six national coming up in just a moment with gives away and summer of ten. Thousand tickets to the first and yes I Zoe and chatted tuna while hunter hey is. It's a bridge that I have this feeling you know that feeling when you haven't talked throughout the college can't feel guilty about it yeah. It just it out of that's kind of what you're right now to come up at about the issue has never talk and server in a capsule guilty. So do you want me to give me the mothers kill them right now. Picture 400 dollars everywhere you can't even worried sick about you you haven't called me and I. And I don't write you know attend achieved how are you guys yeah are terrific honey how are you doing I'm. I'm fantastic. On a plate hunter Hayes is at the San Diego County fair in June 21. I just finally you know today John is back here today he's home with his daughter and she's recovering from a planned surgery everything's fine but dumped it's just me and producer stuff. Okay we'll send them send them my love and now there's pressure. Absolutely he just get the girls today I think you're okay with. A body is a party is in years so many fans and dedicated fans. And we we put it out there that you were going to be joining the show today and so. On Twitter we ask people to send some questions of you don't mind can I ask you the questions from our cancel and loyal listeners. Let's roll I would love to wrap. Pocket then threw you do have the awesome. All right so Keeley. She really wants to know how many guitars do you play during a shelved. Journal show I'm. I'm proud to say that the number has gone down significantly and not nearly district GQ listened and these are so replenish those late stage. But they are right now there's there's there's five no further checks now. I guess they're IP seventh but. And that's why I'm certain day of the week if you got more than that he'd he had a conversation. Are they got great hunter Hayes Anjelica on Twitter wants to know who are you gonna collaborate with on this new album if anyone. Are you quite a few actually give us a peek I mean you want. Well I I will say that the right foot and aren't put to call a bench scale operation has. Absolute just awesome nature he has agreed to do it finally get this thing together on the record I'm who really really says I don't know I think I'm actually just got tuchman went to the child. Well I was in Italy when you said Vince Gill I mean obviously a bit. I enter into your guitar I'm like oh my god the two of you or you could play I've met together for hours. Well he he aren't learned so much for him every every second that he plays he is just. I should feel lucky such a professor in my mind they're I actually just. Just even qualities he had a couple of inundating areas. All right before we got to wrap up your hunter Hayes is going to be the San Diego County shared June 21 what do you eat when you're at the fair hunter. I would start questions. Good. Well and Jimmy let's do this in Eagle County fair this year how well we have there's there's the French toast to begin bombs. And and it. Right exactly where they're awesome by the way they're awesome. They insist that they generate Kitna who would turn down that I don't trust the person would throw that out yeah. Exactly right meet either and I tried them in their fantastic and they make you happy half good yes and probably very sleepy right all right we're looking forward to seeing you June 21 CN DO county fair hunter hey hey you. Thank you guys are so much I appreciate it all right Darryl talk Jason thank you all if kids are out.