Interview: The Heroes and Stars of "15:17 to Paris"

Friday, February 2nd


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Guys on who's gonna admit it I'm speaking out I've never been less prepared for an interview to I didn't know year old in the Beers a brain. And we just say thank you for being real men and heroes and out here. The fifteen to seventeen to Paris opens up next week directed by Academy Award winning legend Clint Eastwood. So what was more intimidating anybody thwarting a terrorist attack or working with Clint Eastwood industries would for sure he saw it coming so as a little bit more. As scary and I sensed. They. You moved to adapt my could your stretching up to the tallest guy had puppies and dogs they're Leo yeah you gotta my next. If you're sitting on my god I'd be good at an amendment and a Clinton. Let's let's meet our hero Spencer it's nice to meet you at and T Anthony's eyes meet Alec it's nice to them in it. Where I even start with this Tammy please tell me I'm totally peeking out well first volume movie opens next week yeah and him and where you guys the first question I wanted to know. Were you shocked that you were asked to be your play yourself in this movie was. Actually lately called by mysteries would they've been casting program on this point we got called down for a meeting and so we just assume you're gonna meet the actors yeah there are coming in three weeks. And then we go down there were kind of casually sitting in his office just chatting and then. He just kind of comes out of nowhere and says hey what do you guys think of reacting these forests are like. Shirt and the actors you know I had to be a coach yeah right exactly Rosie yeah like that via and the meanwhile now now on any reader reiterates himself and a vaguely and so we had to go mysteries what are you asking us to play or dozen movies again why not. Why is he ready love scenes for you guys think. I mean my media. All of our dynamic in the gap ally Syria. We're dying to see this movie and into seeing what went down on you guys live did you do that you have fulfilled. Is to stop going to do right now slowly than is coming with guys have sat there and thought themselves Massimo comes in here and complain this trainer this. And start trouble and kick their ass and I take. And we take control line is you guys did it. Scenario in like friends like we talked about even before like this as yet as guys would like what we do somebody came here so it's good being it was a three of us tonight on the same. Who's the tougher one of the a three. Mean of course how. Arguably not coming out he was into the stars so yeah. Exactly brave half an analyst at this is so great so. What is gonna be the most surreal part next week when this movie opens for you guys. Millions. Millions of people are gonna see this down it's been our story we shot it we talked about it and it's not like at this point it's yeah. Exciting time for us in night millions of people which do. Not you guys ended up portraying ourselves. But hooted each of you want to play you in the movie who would do over election. I was going to be Michael B Jordan if I just had a choice okay. I'd say that Chris Hemsworth OK yeah because I am. Playing this month. Play on my nobody thought. Alec about human I Zach after on clearly know he's. Hey hi I'm using it as a younger looking Jeremy Renner witnesses whichever yeah I mean your good either way it's totally fine when please Nomar. Argue with you and any wish you. Element it's it's a pleasure and honor to meet you a Spencer and Andrea Alec the 1517. To Paris opens next week. The legendary Clint Eastwood as the director it's gonna be the number one movie in America I have to imagine especially after appearance on the show my. Tom thank you on behalf a vote of Americans everywhere thank you for what you did and it's really an honor to meet you all I don't know I think you guys ask.