Interview: Gary Sinise

Friday, June 17th


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The award winning. Her and also a father some NIC first of all Gary Sinise happy Father's Day to you quote yeah. Gary's going to be in town for Father's Day in Coronado at the Dell board to Gary Sinise and the lieutenant Dan band concert Tammy is a big fan lieutenant Dan band met gadgets and Egypt Miramar when you were here. A couple of years ago heavily out there. There two years ago and I wanna think your first and foremost for being so sweet and by the way we botched. One of the CD's of the band that was playing with you that night I was just puts. He should give today yeah dole and silver. For weeks how ma bell thank you very much we're looking forward he's coming out the window again. Gary Sinise is our guest you know by now this video is the most patriotic city in America you know the amount of men and women here who are Natalie big admirers of -- of the Gary Sinise foundation overall. Obviously this San Diego area as well as military communities in the entire country if that happens would be only a couple hours away from where I live supporting veterans. It is the reason I started my foundation. In order to give back the military active duty and veterans community and our first responders and that's growth you know part of the proceeds from. Sunday's concert. Will be donated by the hotel bill in here receives foundation are metal help give back to our military over the next. Next year's so so we encourage. Spoke to come out support the military that's going to be there. And they helping your Sunnis foundation to give back to them. Such a big admire what you do you view are very talented actor but yet this is your life that Gary Sinise foundation is really what you are living and breathing right now on the the quote know many great quotes on the league Gary Sinise foundation dot org web site. Is while we can never do enough to show gratitude to our nation's offenders. We can always do little more and that is I mean that's so important to remember especially down when we're so self involved lately you know. Well we all benefit from you know and the freedom that they provided our fortunately he you know we're just more not teaching our young people. That cost them apprised of that freedom you know we have a couple days a year veterans day and Memorial Day at. That is designed to put specific focus on the military and and I and those are the eyes but even on those days many people just go about their business of the ball game or the Beecher or the barbecue or whatever and don't really. Pay attention to the true meaning of that day I try to make every day Memorial Day and Veteran's Day because it's. But what they used to provide freedom for arts and the many free nations around the world are our military is. Always on the front line player in the fight for freedom and if it even even on the humanitarian. Side including you want are off your coast. If you have hurricane Nora I shall Newark. Tsunami or something like that you wanna see one of the youth united states military aircraft carriers let all our telecast. Doctors and all our hospital capabilities and all our service members ready to assist cannot believe that you know let the beneficiary of the freedom and that's securities that they provide there's a little something that I could do that and you know walked him to blasting. Successful. Acting career and they have been able to devote. The resources to creating a foundation I always say. You know when I see we can do a little more that's that's true that's what the ban this or I don't make a living playing music that's. That I make my living as an actor so the music is simply. So supports our veterans to raise serious. To raise responding to raise awareness initiatives good feeling and makes this successful actor Heath career. All the more special and work. Well I think you're understating it just a bit Forrest Gump Apollo thirteen ran some of the green mile it's it's a pretty impressive resume Gary Sinise but most of all. What you do for our nation's military is is even more so impressive. Can't wait till this Sunday thanks for the time this morning in what you do for men and women I know that you never stopped. Well thanks very much and anyone who's interested in tickets just called O Dell Dell and now Sergio over there like I said part of the proceeds go to series he's foundation that day. All right guys like I look forward talking you more in the future.