Interview: Gary Levox of Rascal Flatts

Monday, July 3rd


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Joining us now one of our favorite guests and 13 of Rascal Flatts note Joseph Don the day no Jada markets today but we are thrilled to talk do you Gary look box. Yeah they have to your vacation phenomenal work. And fruit cup and. We're waiting period Rascal Flatts of course they've got to a new album local back to us and yours if you wanted to design kiss on right now. Brad you recently saw the video of Rascal Flatts crashing a wedding reception not too far from where Tamil and I came from a Wisconsin. Such a cool video what a thrill for the whole wedding party in general Gary how that come about. It was so on. Because actually the lady that sent the email and then and in probably six or eight months ago so when we walked gonna crash the wedding even related to spur of the original email had no idea that we were there on all nice. It was so popular to be a part of somebody you know the biggest day at a lot. And having it. Are we to dump it was Q because they are stand on the bottom dance floor. Waiting for brokered road to be played because that was there. There weddings ball. Then here we come walkman and that it was just it was all. We're talking to Gary at the box 13 of Rascal Flatts out of you saw this give a billboard just released to the ten best Rascal Flatts songs in an article you see that's. You know my wife but not all that the other day and it's funny because that you just never now you know what it was interesting either kicks. Number one was some movement on the number two was these days and three was the aforementioned to bless the broken road when you read those as you know the guys that wrote and sang the songs are you like I would begala that one are you know I can knock that one on the park and that it picked that one. Yeah I mean you do eat you up you look that doppler and that's like they like as they were Britney and. When you guys got together anywhere along a lifelong friends and family on did you think would be talking meal. In 2017. With as much energy as we did back in 2000. Development go and it just a dream come true you do it because I have no idea. Your career can play out in and hopefully you career. One hit wonder and then if you don't you records on her first album in early. You guys don't want to install more competent and continue to honor yeah. It was a symbol that the rigors Bruins elect we'll get started Vietnam and where it. Our new album back without mouse does Ahmed. I think it collectively want these guys are that we may be an ever. Wow that's. Pretty cool statement during the box from Rascal Flatts is joining us of course Jay DeMarcus and Joseph Don Rooney make up brows go flat. Gary quickly do anything front for the fourth now. They're not manly about that we might brought my apartment. And not blow up stuff and see what happens. Mean I was in do that's a Iraqis be safe to wanna see all ten fingers okay. All right well good hey you guys. Enjoy your bacon burgers or when. And figure can afford to lose a couple finger she's a singer. Long it might. As the boys before the July 12 you do via a rat about. So we're talking with Gary locks from Rascal Flatts interior always up for fun with us whenever we get the chance to touch you have you ever play the game never have I ever. Lou we've we've played car around and never have I ever with us are well do it though are right here we gal. Never have I ever thrown up on roller coaster. Never never okay never have I ever gone to begin now. Oh yeah I. Go out. I never have I ever. Been an embarrassing video that was uploaded to YouTube. I don't know until an adult not open yet or it. I don't know. Reminds many times you've been filmed without no any media finger in the nose or I don't know fly down these southern out there. Are about their pictures you know like is that they're dark where they go off Robert Byrd now hole really. There really horrible you know like they update you know staying in and you don't know you're gonna show you other currencies. But the yet they are correct yet. All right never have I ever snooped through a friend's bathroom or bedroom without them knowing it. Already. Are we okay what's the weirdest thing you've found in someone's bedroom or bathroom when your snooping. What. But just to elect probably like the old time. Never liked that maple whatnot nasal spray it like this did. Yes. It or yeah Mike yeah I used to have though is like inhalers or you have. Yeah like up at any of those things were still around it and like the other two of them sit in the. Medicine. Cabinet. I've been theirs is a 1960. To lose it. I pitch black guy who is home from Colombia working his wife and a cocktail form and how stress on your race. All right one more never have I ever worked with someone I heated with the burning passion of a thousand suns. Your and if I.