Interview: Garth Brooks

Thursday, May 18th


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Hello morning John Tammy did morning start end. Yeah first first of can we clarify which artist is that you are calling. Me your year rule it out of girlfriends now. We were at Jordan other rates I mean I I used to get so nervous before you called. Like John actually onetime hadn't had to hold my hand out because my hand was shaking so bad my breeze that surging going wheels floated an animal tranquilizer. And now though but now it's cool awesome. Very good morning on good morning. I think that particular time that our Brooks is back. Again. This time come back to LA Garth Brooks is the current CMA entertainer of the year it already feels like 21 years ago saying that and now guard brings his show. Back to LA for the first time in 21 years at the forum Garth you must be so stoked about this. I got statement first off thank you that very sweet. 45 years in your career they give you that thank thank you aware that that which. I was off we Sweden just. Have a great time and you get that through the world the love your life pure babies are helping there own talented. It's a great time due to be mr. your what do they get. This wasn't like we gave a deal like all is NetSuite pat you on the head entertainer of the year I think he puts Helios 2% of the woman when they clearly should give it to the godfather you all of a I walked out your show last year I I felt I was I think I had to work out to mean your still do want it Manuel earned that entertainer of the year. I tell you what mad that the trick when people go what should secret I'm on the work you liked or rated you also come with a better. The the rented mule come in just dropped Tammy I have to provide any regard it could have been. Yeah you about why. They're. Every drop me there's no and it worked hard that are rated you'll you've got to break that record get it back. Right getting no kidding honey Sony you said that your your kids meaning college Q can you give us late. I'll guard graduation moment just like media couple sentences that if you were right now standing in front of the graduating class. You young people out here try to meet today harsh crude. Agent cool though get in the real world that's what I've. A guy that's you know what. Your about men don't write such are her to my daughters are so scared about not getting fees and finding a good job neither of a graduate high school is a com. Down. Maybe bed and it all happened at all happened when you're ready toward. Europe works is coming to Los Angeles and tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 o'clock there's an eight ticket limit. But Garth Brooks being Garth Brooks you're not gonna have to mortgage your house. To get these tickets ticket prices when it comes all down everything a little bit under 75 bucks apiece it's a bargain for a Garth Brooks show yes. I've met so much are they they ask you know OK can you describe the two and one word that cheesy stupid that. Thank you walking and they you can flat but there is right next to get your guy that you started playing music which you're up there with your best buddies. People are showed up an unbelievable numbers were this unbelievable attitude that pitcher makes for a way to its standard. Garth Brooks tickets go on sale tomorrow all the details are at KS ON dot com Garth we hate to say goodbye but we have do we we really appreciate everything that you meant to our format. I'm very pretty I love you guys thank you always make me feel special. And look at it may trip up but I know you're busy that you know at least aggregate.