Interview: Frankie Ballard

Wednesday, June 1st


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The best guitar players you're ever gonna see is Frankie Ballard he's in town tonight im trying to plaza waiting to speak to us. Right now in San Diego's number one for new country KSO and with John and Tammy in the morning it's 840 then eventual sunshine for upper sixties to upper seventies. Breaking bella got new music out the song is called an all start with a bear. Think he's in town tonight for a show moonshine flats a concert to benefit Cassini foundation which brings hope and happiness to kids affected by cancer. Which is great if you Franchitti in Canada but I ignored arms and doing grave man. Tonight moonshine flash is so great to hold me back to San Diego now I feel like hiding or Detroit can't feel like California was made for Frankie ballad of Frankie dollar was made for California viral about that. I don't think so you know being being in Michigan growing up been hearing about California and thinking about girls with long blond hair on surfboards I mean it seems like a different planet first just the Mexican. And yes I love coming out here is it feels like I'm so far from oh. You know another Michigan kid that had a California aspirations it pretty well on talk about the late great Glen Frye. Who grew up in Michigan befriended Bob Seger who told to go to California are writing songs and boom the Eagles were born I think you pretty okay with that. He sure did and I think that there are having that in our mind if you don't thinking of California has such a far away late. The law allows us to sort of you know be more creative in fantasize about what this place is and sort of romanticize a little more I guess that the right word of here goes such and. It was a bummer item you bring us down sorry about that a tricky Ballard is with us yankees in town tonight moonshine last Ari Frankie so we first met you or. I'm you have like one tad too. And now you have. Opponents had to get multi headed up are you addicted to tattoos. I mean well it's hard to answer that question but I know this I've met a lot of people with a zero trip to. I've met a lot of people Wear multiple parent period but I haven't met. I don't think anybody would just want. Google I think they are a bit and. Two point eight I was always under the belief that would never get a tattoo or never saw anything I want now my body forever until I did announced yeah I like that and all guess what I like that Tucson got to. And look alive and well my third oops. Well you know what man it's like your life and you get one chance delivered our look at it. The dwarf tree you know you desperately need to have on your. All your person at all times is a little bit of war paint us the go or palm sold the last anti where is it. I got a course she. They had to go my wrist for good luck if I need all the luck actually get in the music business. Thank you Ballard is with us is new music is off the upcoming album el Rio it all started with a fears are re doing real well and guess Owen frank you know you wanna hear that and again tonight moon shine flats all details are KS ON dot com. I show to benefit Cassini foundation Frankie bell our best live performers in that music today you can see him tonight. What are the best it's not just okay and you can also McKesson dot com our concerts page. Use the code K excellent save ten dollars on your Frankie Ballard tickets tonight. Hey man you enjoy your time here got a chance to hang loose on Thursday morning I'm sure you'll be up real bright and early. You know San Diego is so beautiful that I loved so much that they got my break our own rules you get up early and enjoy the older man. Thank you so much for a friend in the auto like if you got that. I may take years of always good soccer Frankie Ballard this event where again for the two men. Just don't limit has scooped all third tend to think I didn't I was planning on yeah I didn't and the clear it was here. If I can know he would hand we could hear what is quickly assured. I'm doing another century ride this year I'm support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation JB RF. And I think after I do my next 100 mile bike rides for that charity and we get ill the logo of that's on my cap the tireless thankless thing ten. Coached.