Interview: Easton Corbin

Friday, April 21st


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Piecing Corbett is with us our headliner for kids who has country fast July 15 now but Easton it's kind of cool guy alive studio audience this morning said he Easton. So. I was Batman and great now multiply that by about I don't know 101000 and Candy Crowley Africa's newest country as we can't wait to have you on your face and picture taken the gig now. Now thank you I appreciate you get. Well we love the fact that that you're coming back to San Diego we have a brand new venue it's gonna be super cool. We all kiss when loyal listener in with us right now her name is in any in any has been to all. Except maybe I just had two or three she's been every single country that we've ever done and she's got a couple questions free if that's okay. Hi Easton. Always say it. Jose Gomez is a job on and a sudden. He's an amendment up what I tell your time. You don't tell anybody about it a go ahead of. Easton have a few questions. Six. Here a an exchange as a singer well he used to get nervous group. Inspired you to become an artist in this field. You know probably a few people on the equipment Graham turned you know hour or being. They reading Kurt Meehan and or another artist Garros. Our act all of these heroes and of course I look towards all the equipment that aren't easy. You a bit which are mean and certainly our Tibet. Any in these next question and trying to different knowledge of what I have one more question okay. What is your favorite thing to do for a pastime. All of the all of I'm probably I love yet polar inspection they are. So what do you hunt anything specific or you're an all around punter honey. I kind of an all round under your feet Lobo. A lot of beer ilk. That. How many things you have mounted in your house. Alina I got a separate group of an open. Well what you hear all of why. We are joined by Easton Corbin. I. Appreciate you voice that Tommy John. IDC core of his new song is a girl like you and we've been playing a lot of kids so and we're looking for his senior becoming July 15 if you're welcome July 15 at brand new location this is cool too. The Qualcomm practice field with the chargers used to practice for an hour hold a big old party this summer July 15 country Jessica's are available. Right now and canceling dot com you can also go to boot barn locations yell when they open at 10 o'clock bring cash guy's gonna sell out they always do good. He says can be a blast hope you're ready out. It imports it would look better than our guys it's okay. Yeah. And leave my room. The good.