Interview: Deion Sanders

Friday, January 20th


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Deion Sanders. Thank you join. We are warning that the only man in the history of the world to play in a Super Bowl in a World Series. How do you not ever stop bragging about that Deion Sanders. Well no I don't know what you did. Billion divot out of the bank I tell people that go to church I tell people that the that was a line of Starbucks I tell people that even they and that's Deion Sanders. There. We're talking to Deion Sanders Dion of course was a Major League Baseball stunned. Also by the way an NFL hall of Famer. Diaz on analyst for CBS sports in the NFL network he has got to hook up with some really cool Super Bowl package if you wanna go wash your team in the Super Bowl maybe the Packers are gonna win Tammy. And I DN look at doubled the web site. That giggling goat to two explore NFL package options that he enhanced the game in person. In a drill hole location dot com this is where you can start. It's an ironic title for my next question NFL allocation dot com because we aren't San Diego Deion Sanders. And we lost our football team last week it's a very angry sit here right now I'd like to know let's know what you think about the fact that San Diego does not have the chargers here any longer. You know the thing about it but one must understand the business aspect of it before we really. Get upset I noticed that even though they need in this stadium they've been playing in this stadium full well now I and number I'm pretty sure that's the baseball team that stadium right now decorous. The ethical park was build a few years back guess they're. Great great soul you know you would think that the football incident that you would do it. Cabinet but I don't know the business aspect of it between I eighty and the owners noble of the chargers. You think just food for thought. It Greenspan has had to pay 650 million dollars on relocate the team what do make more sense just her take that money to build a stadium here. Output you know when you're probably the biggest thing you never know OK do you have to stay there don't oh is it 200 shares and 200 there under there under their. Ever know the real business aspect good. No the money. Are you a question Lorraine bold move on from that which which irritates people by wanna move on to two questions the first one. Producers staff and I are huge Green Bay Packers fan. Here is your prediction I'm on how far they're gonna go this weekend and will they go to the Super Bowl and win. Like eleven of the weekend. To amend an unending regular playing for the falcons come. Lester. Like hula hoop. Paris and her with Deion Sanders and glitz and yes I have one more question you can't do it why is one thing. That your wife still can not get you video. New paradigm delivered divorced and all the political talk I apologize I didn't read it got divorced I apologize for that happily happily. And courts look at all these dogs are hammering apple and content and love and Sanders darkness one thing good. Good reasons to him if there's one thing and awarded awarded a little you don't know I've been outta there. I'm release or did you not easy it's about and there's yeah quite frankly. You don't know about me. Dion says it has been a cool conversation hang in now he would inexorable marriage single bullet. Look at what you got anymore yeah yeah. Yeah what are you digging in and Delgado. A true commitment. We've been together over the years how wonderful man all right Deion Sanders I don't believe the Hillary the end you have no idea yeah yeah yeah and make sure you get you and I came in I was going to be a photo group.