Interview: Dean Spanos

Monday, November 7th


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Tillman thank you for joining us and joining us Greenspan was chairman of the board the San Diego Chargers to Fred mass is special advisor and share of the yes I. On the measures he campaign. Big decision to make tomorrow they'll listen guys we appreciate you being here. We are not a quote unquote political talk show or fund company Yahoo! morning show so. There's two big points that I blisters one no other charge you this day and how much is gonna cost us and obviously in a nutshell mr. Spanish can you cover Allen. Look we we're looking forward to Tuesday. You know it's it's going to be a check challenge to get the two thirds vote so we've given everything we can't. And you know from my personal perspective. In terms of the future which workers I really wanted to see what these support from the borders is going to be. And I've said this before and we all say it again if we get 35%. Or 40%. Older approval about wolf. Told me something if we get sixty to 65% so from something else. So until the actual vote we can see the support or lack of support I you don't know decision is made or is going to be made. So I'm waiting and hopefully we'll get a huge amount of support out there I'll let Fred answer the second question well. We are taking their opportunity and I know it's that you series propaganda and show but. But one of the things that we are very careful about it in really been shifting direction when we started this process is that we would come up with a financing clan. That required no dollars from the San Diego residents. So our our initiative strictly with tourists and hotel based tax. They'll raise enough money to build this multi use facility between more than a football stadium that included a convention center expansion. An end to hold a potential venues for Super Bowl the finals quarters in exchange and shock or many other states. And all paid for with terrorist acts. We we've we are very clear in the initiative itself and went through. Long and arduous process with the mayor of the chamber of the downtown partnership and others. To give additional assurances to clarify some of that but I wanna make sure all your listeners understand that one guy in the general fund dollars and not one that tax dollars complete gig lists. Who would dean span I was chairman of the board of the San Diego Chargers in Fred mass. Special advisor and share on the S unseat campaign so would zero out taxpayer dollars to putting this together. Why would simply not want it to happen but yeah I'm seriously it. CNET for someone who's like you look at a lot of people I wanna pay breathing you guys are good enough wobbled blocks so why would leave the didn't he against it for for brings all this positive. Well I don't know I mean it it it makes too much sense obviously but not the end of the day there's opposition for anything and you know there's. I huge interest by the hotel yours downtown and it's very clear that they really don't want a non contiguous expanse of the convention center. And they've been fighting this whole way soak. You know I and they have their interest I understand. But at the end of the day it's not gonna is spread said the fact that cost anybody who has in this city. Any money. Specifically did them in terms of a tax increase and demolition saying don't tell these are you seeing what pat Goss. I'm downtown and there was this could do you from an extended fifteen years suffered these side though council. There's a lot of intangibles like going to those developments that I think are great for the chargers and great for the sitting there for the people of San Diego. I'll listen and a lot of people on either side of the fence your guys we appreciate you giving your side of the story and you're listening right now saying yes I won a new stadium or no on the available for that that's the keyword vote and voice current event tomorrow join. Yet permit or liquid. A convert it is really the grass in the victory yesterday yelling Gordon based god thank you are bush thanks you know that I. Boy and like going to Chris Melvin Gordy after it was Gonzalez who don't have FFF this is Kelly Danica in the valley view casino and hotel traffic senator John Kennedy a dense fog advisory remains.